MkIIb Achilles Pattern Raider Battle Tank

Created at the behest of the 7th Legion to combat a one of the many xeno pocket empires standing in the way of compliance, the Achilles Pattern Raider Battle Tank is a potent weapon of war. The enhanced chassis and increased armour affords greater protection and survivability within the theatre of war, while it’s fearsome armourments can lay waste to structure and infantry with equal efficiency.

It is for its shear destructive capabilities that it is favoured by the Jarl of the Sepp Company, whose saga is epitomised by immolation and the raising of the very earth upon which the enemy stands.

Attached to a support claw in Sepp Company under the command of Hvarl Red-Blade, the Tank embodies its brutal purpose, devoid of livery and embellishments, its naught but a weapon of war.

Until Next Winter…


Spartan Assault Tank

The might of Vlka Fenryka comes to bear with a third Spartan completed. (for the previous two see here).

Like it’s sister pair, the Spartan has been finished in the weathered storm grey of the legion, with details in brass and gold befitting of the Rout’s elite.

Three assault tanks of the Vlka Fenryka, assigned to the Varagyr.


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Speaker of the Dead, Priest of Fenris

Thorvard ‘the Dread’
Speaker of the Dead, Priest of Fenris attached to Onn Company under Jarl Gunnar Gunnhilt.

Wise beyond his years, which by Astartes standards are many, Thorvard’s standing within the Legion is beyond question. One of the most venerated of the Rout’s Priest he not only serves within Onn Company but on the Wolf King’s Einherja.

Thorvard walks to war armoured in Cataphractii pattern tactical dreadnought armour and armed with a Frost Claw and combi-bolter. As one of the Legion’s Priests and an inductee of the Cult of Morkai he is privileged with more exotic wargear; Garm-Blood Vials and Healing Balms.

Until Next Winter…

Proteus Land Speeder WIP

In order to increase the effectiveness of the squadron, a third land speeder is being added, armed once again with a Multi-melta and 2 Hunter Killer Missiles.

Like the previous two land speeders the crew are being concerted from MkIII Marines in order to wear that armour mark. The completed conversions are below, awaiting greenstuff work.


In order re-pose the legs, they were cut into the component pieces and glued in place using the land speeder (protected with masking tape) as a guide.

Added in the green stuff flexi joints.

Until Next Winter…


WIP Speaker of the Dead

To sate the ever-hungering need for HQs in writing Vlka Fenryka army lists, work progressed in earnest on a Cataphractii clad Speaker of the Dead.


Choosing a Varagyr Terminator as the base model, it was critical to ensure that the visual language of the model was subtly altered to represent the Priest, and not just look like a black Varagry terminator. Small wolf skull iconography was added to the grieves and in the form of a tilt shield on front of the right pauldron. One of the arms was clipped back to allow the addition of a Frost Claw.

The most dramatic addition (other than re-sculpting the fur) to the model is the large beast skull to the left pauldron, selected for a couple of reasons; to add a sense of beastial savagery to the model and to build on the idea that the wolves take Fenris with them into battle (the skull matches those on the Vorax conversions).

The resultant model shares several aesthetic cues with the Artificer clad Priest already in the army and is suitably distinct from the Varagyr Terminators, the latter will be even more pronounced when paint is applied.

Until Next Winter…

Table Top Banter Event / ‘Best Army’

I was delighted tot attend Table Top Banter’s Horus Heresy event last Saturday, running the Wolves out once again. I had three fantastic games against a variety of armies.

The event called for 2250pts, i chose a Praetor as the army’s Warlord, photo and army list included below:


006_Vlka_Fenryka_2250pts_RosterGraphic.jpgMy enemies reaped a bloody toll upon me, with only 1 win out of my 3 games. However the most peer votes saw me awarded ‘Best Loyalist Army’ which was very humbling given the caliber of armies in attendance.


(the model in the picture was a ‘specialist’ and part of the event’s narrative.

Games as follows:

Game 01: Custom Mission against Iron Warriors (Jaimie Harcort-Billingham @the_iron_drake). Once again the Wolves beat Perturabo’s forces back.

Game 02: Custom Mission against a mixed force of Alpha Legion and Sons of Horus (Chris Gibson @theunbrokenchain). The traitors were victorious, wiping the wolves from the table in 4 turns.

Game 03: Custom Mission against Dark Angels (obviously traitors, everyone knows that!). A very bloody exchange saw the 1st Legion take the field.

Until Next Winter…