MkIII Valr Pattern Grav-Skiff

Forged alongside the Sleipnir Pattern Grav-Bikes by the Priests of Iron in depths of the Aett, the Valr Pattern Grav-Skiff is a mobile gun platform. The additional fast moving firepower supports outrider packs directly or operates in in tandem to bring down larger prey. Cawl’s repulsor plate technology allows the Grav-Skiff to operate over the very harshest of terrain, able to match the versatility of the Chapter’s grav-tanks upon deployment.

The Rout favour this pattern over the wheeled predecessor variant, known to codex chapters as the Invader ATV. Ratified by Cawl the pattern has been shared and the MKIII Valr Pattern Grav-Skiffs are seeing action across the All-Father’s beleaguered Imperium.

Valr Pattern Grav-Skiffs deploy in a strike formation with a Gladiator Lancer, escorted by Sleipnir Pattern Grav-Bikes.

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Impulsor APCs

The backbone of the Astartes’ armoured might, the Impulsor APC is ubiquitous with Chapter deployments in the era-Indomitus. A versatile and well armed vehicle that can traverse almost any terrain with ease thanks to the anti-gravitic technologies it employs.

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Bjorn Stormwolf WIP

The objective with Bjorn Stormwolf was twofold, firstly to capture the fantastically evocative description form the codex (which i’ve adapted slightly below);

Jarl Bjorn, ‘the Stormwolf’ is a lord of the Vlka Fenryka, leading a the Great Company of the Stormwolves. Bjorn is a ruddy-faced mountain of muscle, known for his quick temper, belligerence and lack of diplomacy both within the chapter and without. The war actions of the Stormwolves are typified by noise, intimidation, and splendor, with their tactics reflecting their Jarl’s impatience and aggressive nature. Bjorn favours frontal assaults rather than the stealth and harrowing operations favored by Erik Morkai, who Bjorn has infamously dismissed as ‘whelp-work’, an insult that as yet remains unanswered.

And secondly to create a MkX Gravis armoured Wolf Lord, completing the trifecta of options for fielding an army; Tacticus (Blackmane), Phobos (Morkai) and Gravis (Stormwolf).

The base model for this conversion was the Tor Garadon model (an Imperial Fists character).

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The Redmaw WIP

Jarl Bran Redmaw’s bestial form; The Redmaw was too good a prospect to not convert.

The inspiration for this model was largely from the classic wulfen models (pictured below), capturing the feral nature of the curse but retaining the feel of their former self, predominantly through the retnetion of wargear.

The pose was kept intentionally similar in motion to the Bran Redmaw model I built previously, while obviously the same base model, the consistency of movement makes for a nice comparison. The power pack, right pauldron and right arm armour were removed to de-clutter the model, facilitate showing his bestial form and subtly change his silhouette.

A comparison of Bran Redmaw and The Redmaw side by side:

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Bran Redmaw WIP

The Cursed Jarl, Wulfen-Kin, The Bloodied Hunter

Ever since the release of Imperial Armour Volume Eleven, The Doom of Mymeara I’ve always wanted a model for Bran Redmaw, lord of the Bloodied Hunters.

Forge World previewed a model for Bran at an open day circa 2011, but the model was never released (apparently the sculptor was not happy with him, but I don’t know how true that was). Model pictured below:

The basis for my rendition of Jarl Redmaw was heavily influenced by the unreleased model; the two handed axe, the draped pelts and mass of hair and beard.

The base model for this conversion was the Space Wolves Lieutenant. The shoulder pelt, head and power pack are from Ragnar. The axe is a wulfen axe, cut to fit some re-posed primaris arms.

The think that made Bran Redmaw so interesting is that he was written to essentially be a werewolf, transforming mid-battle into ‘the Redmaw’ his bestial alternative form. I have ambitions to model this version of him in not too distant future.

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Jarl Grimnar, High King of Fenris

Jarl of the Great Company of the Champions of Fenris, The Great Wolf of the Fenrisian Astartes

For over six centuries Logan Grimnar has been master of the Vlka Fenryka, the longest serving of his line and one of the oldest Astartes Chapter Masters in the Imperium. His wise leadership and tactical acumen has seen the warriors of Leman Russ stand firm against the horrors that besiege the human race, even in the face of terrible losses and unforgivable sacrifices.

Jarl Grimnar alongside Jarl Ragnar and Jarl Erik

Jarl Grimnar’s display base:

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Logan Grimnar WIP

Bringing the Great Wolf to life for my Era-Indomitus force:

The model for Logan Grimnar has been a source of much deliberation for me over the years. The old metal representation of Grimnar holds a lot of nostalgia for me, albeit a very dated sculpt now. The newer plastic model is two things for me; A fantastic update to Grimnar himself, with wonderful detailing. And; a terrible concept and delivery regarding the sleigh (but this is not a rant about my dislike of such).

Inspired by the release of Wolftime (by Gav Thorpe), and the fantastic artwork within for Logan himself I picked up the model to add the Great Wolf to my force…

my primaris scaled force…

Using milliput (because it can be sanded and put with blade to a sharp edge) I set about up-scaling Grimnar so that he looked right along side the primaris-astartes of the rest of the collection. After much comparison between different MkX armour types, their proportions and scale I decided that Grimnar needed three key alterations;

  • Elongated greaves / lower egs
  • Elongated midriff
  • Elongated vambraces / forearms

The forearms were by far the most straight forward part, cutting them just below the elbow and adding a small plasticard spacer. This then formed an armature for adding milliput to elongate the vambrace armour, apart from elongating the existing panels no additional detail was added to the arms.

The midriff was again reasonably straight forward, it needed to be slightly slimmer that the armour above and below it, and needed ‘softer’ details rather than lots of solid plate. The height of the midriff was a little trickier and the one above is the second attempt, the first making him too tall and out of proportion (this was only intended to be a subtle change).

The lower legs were by far the hardest part due to fantastic ornamentation on the front. I had intended to cut the lower legs half way up the shin and extend them, but that would ruin the decoration. So I elected to extend the greaves downward, bulking out the shin armour, creating ankle armour and new boot armour. There was a real temptation to create similar ankle armour to the MkX Tacticus and Gravis styles, but this felt out of place with the established aesthetic of Terminator plate. 3D printed rivets were added once it was all cured.

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