WIP Pack Leader and/or Varagyr Battle Leader

Decided against having a standard bearer (Primaris Ancient) and converted the model to be either a pack leader (Intercessor Sergeant for a third squad) or another Varagyr Battle Leader (Lieutenant). Just not keen on the idea of a standard being employed in the field on strike missions, etc… only in larger conflicts.

Simply added a suitably posed marine hand and the blade from Geigor. The head is from the space wolf terminator sprue with a little trimming to reduce the hair height. Put the model’s helmet and knife scabbard on his belt to complete the wargear.

Added a modest wolf pelt over the raised shoulder pauldron to enhance the space wolf aesthetic, without being too extravagant.

Until Next Winter…

WIP Interceptor Squad

The Interceptor squad were the last squad to be converted, this was mostly due to a dislike of the models. The hooded aesthetic (much like the captain) and the heavy single handed guns just don’t feel right. This was fixed by removing the hood and clipping the shields from the assault-bolters to give them a lighter aesthetic.

Iconography was removed (matching all the other Primaris) and the sergeant received a head swap, with his helmet being fixed to his belt.


Until Next Winter…

WIP Varagyr Battle Leader

Following the first Varagyr Battle Leader (Primaris Lieutenant) the second is progressing. All of the iconography and purity seals have been removed, clearing up the the aesthetic.

The head is from the space wolves sprue, with the huge mohawk removed and replaced with drawn back hair, added using green stuff. The helmet was clipped and added to the belt.


The plan is to replace the sword army with an axe, update to follow in due course.

Until Next Winter…

Wyfric Halgasson, ‘skald’, and Intercessor Pack

Halgasson is the warband’s skald, not by calling or by choice, but in practice, an adopted role that is a stark contrast with the warrior’s generally quiet nature. Halgasson rarely speaks unless retelling a poignant saga or truth from the rout’s history, as such his insights and wisdom have become a guiding force for the warriors of the Rout.

Halgasson leads his pack with a stern hand, keeping his warriors path true with clipped orders and direct action.


Halgasson’s pack are Astartes-Primaris, an Intercessor squad of the Vlka Fenryka and under the command of Jarl Jormund Buliwyf.

Until Next Winter…

Forsetii Helfdane, ‘the Jarl’s conscious’, Varagyr Battle Leader

Helfdane is the Jarl’s closest confidant, an inducted champion of the Varagyr and a rout-brother of clear purpose. Known as a broker of honesty among the pack, on more than one occasion Helfdane’s counsel has stayed the Jarl’s temper and even at times, his axe.

Helfdane is one of the Vlka Fenryka’s Primaris-Astartes, a new bread of warrior created in the wake of a sundered Imperium. Guilliman’s crusade to reclaim the stars brings hope to mankind’s wavering future and the Wolves of Fenris take up their axes as the Imperium’s sanction once again.

Until Next Winter…