Ulvar’s Aggressor Pack

With their MkX armour equipped in the ‘Gravis’ configuration, Ulvar’s pack are as immovable as deep-winter ice, able to withstand a punishing amount of incoming fire before exposing their threads to wyrd’s blade. Equipped with incendiary weapons and power fists they are formidable at close range and in combat, capable breaking any foe they can close upon (or who is foolish enough to close upon them).

Ulvar’s pack are Jarl Ragnar’s hammer, where their wrath falls only fire and ash follow.

Huscarl Ulvar, Pack Leader:

Warriors of Ulvar’s Pack:

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MkIII Valr Pattern Grav-Skiff

Forged alongside the Sleipnir Pattern Grav-Bikes by the Priests of Iron in depths of the Aett, the Valr Pattern Grav-Skiff is a mobile gun platform. The additional fast moving firepower supports outrider packs directly or operates in in tandem to bring down larger prey. Cawl’s repulsor plate technology allows the Grav-Skiff to operate over the very harshest of terrain, able to match the versatility of the Chapter’s grav-tanks upon deployment.

The Rout favour this pattern over the wheeled predecessor variant, known to codex chapters as the Invader ATV. Ratified by Cawl the pattern has been shared and the MKIII Valr Pattern Grav-Skiffs are seeing action across the All-Father’s beleaguered Imperium.

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Aggressor Pack WIP

So far this incarnation of the Indomitus Era Wolves has stuck firmly to warriors clad in MkX Tacticus Armour, albeit with subtle adjustments for aesthetic preference, namely MkIII helms and pauldrons. MkX Phobos and MkX Gravis armour have intentionally been excluded to hone the aesthetic, but with that now firmly established the additions of other armour types are in the works, starting with MkX Gravis Armour.

MkX Gravis Armour presents a particular challenge (as will MkX Phobos armour) in it’s divergence from the traditional marine proportions and aesthetic, in this case to a bulkier up-armoured plate style. The character established over the wolves created so far is for plate trimmed in aged brass and with brutal flat faced helms, all achieved through the addition of MkIII components, however, these components don’t translate well on to the Gravis armour.

Taking the push-fit Eradicators as a base, the familiar Imperial Iconography was removed (plastron aquila and prity seals for the most part) and the armour’s plating tidied up with a bit of green-stuff work. Then rivets were added to the plastron, knee armour and the power pack, creating a more brutal feel.

The helm was the first major obstacle to overcome; after trying a few options the additional plating of the MkIII Breacher Siege Squad helmet seemed perfect, literally an evolution of the MkIII helms used on the infantry so far it has the right feel compliments the additional panels present on the Gravis plate.

With the armour re-configured to a more complimentary aesthetic and helms sourced arms and the principal weapons were next to be considered. The Tartaros Heavy Flamer and Power Fist arms were an obvious choice and worked well with a little re-posing (in truth these had been decided upon as good additions in the early stages of the project). However, the pauldrons presented a real challenge, not at all keen on the standard Gravis pauldron style several alternatives were investigated to no avail, including Cataphractii pads and custom sculpts. In the end the Gravis pauldrons were altered to suit; removing the lower banding and projecting armour piece and adding rivets to the remaining banding and shield trim. Rivets were also added along the lower armour line.

Details wee added; fur and trinkets to focus the pagan / norse influence on their aesthetic, completing the squad.

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Gladiator Lancer

Lancer class Gladiator Pattern Battle Tank
Assigned to the Great Company of the Blackmanes

Pictured here with grav-bike escort

Adorned with the spoils of war and accessories of battle, the armoured tanks of the Vlka Fenryka are a formidable sight.

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Gladiator Lancer Work In Progress

Heavily inspired by the work of Thunderwulfen work has begun in developing the character of the Rout’s armoured assets, starting with the Gladiator Lancer.

Using fine jewellery chain and a mixture of accessories and parts from other kits, the tank’s narrative has been developed: For example the pair of hunting spears on the main hull, these give a flavour of the force’s role, while note directly related to the tank itself. The relic axe on one side of the tank must belong to a prominent member of the Rout, stowed here for use at another time. The energy cells, fuel and ammunition all relate to the tank itself, but create visual interest. The fabric tarpaulins and wraps are as much a visual cue as they perform functions. It would have been easy to get carried away with adding trophies and pelts to the tank, but felt these too cliché, so minimised their use and positioning.

Hopefully the result is a grittier feel, a tank that has visual links to the infantry in more than just colour scheme.

Until Next Winter…