Arn Flokisson ‘wyrd-walker’

Arn Flokisson ‘wyrd-walker’

Gothi of the Blackmanes

Einherjar to Jarl Ragnar

The rune priests stand apart within the chapter, set aside from the company structure in much the same was their librarian cousins in codex adherent chapters, serving the chapter as a whole and reporting directly to the Great Wolf.

Like much of the Vlka Fenryka’s structure simplicity reigns over complex hierarchies, Gothi (Rune Priests) pledge their services to the Jarls, essentially joining the Great Companies for an agreed duration, this may be a crusade or determined period of time. In their role within the Great Companies they provide spiritual guidance to the Rout’s warriors, ward against maleficarum and fight as battle-pskyers.

Arn Flokisson served within the ranks of the unnumbered sons, joining the Chapter at the decree of Lord Guiliman. Flokisson pledged his services to the Young King alongside Leif Ironhide with the blessing of both the Stormcaller and the Great Wolf.

The right pauldron is decorated with a complex knotwork pattern flanked by a pair of wolves. The knotwork design represent the winding paths of wyrd and the flanking wolves it’s guardians. The wolves provide protection both for and from the priest’s mystical gifts.

The horned skull staff is a force weapon of potent power, used to channel the Gothi’s gift.

The knotwork eagle design of the armour’s grieve is the sign of the All-father. The rune on the the kneepad is a mark of aversion.

The mark of the Blackmane decorates the left pauldron, a sign of the Priest’s allegiance to Jarl Ragnar.

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Rune Priest WIP

For the space wolves librarian, it was important to maintain the shamanistic feel, so Tigurius was used as a base for the conversion.

Tigurius’ torso and robes were cut our from beneath the cloak, and replaced with a torso from an Intercessor, albeit with the aquila removed. Likewise, much of Tigurius’ orgiinal iconography was removed from the model, including shortening the head of the staff to remove the laurels and ultima symbol.

The psychic hood was patched with a small piece of plasticard and greenstuff in lieu of the sensor cluster for a more simplistic aesthetic. Some greenstuff leather strapping was added and a wolf tail talisman.

A necklace of talismans and wolf teeth was added to the torso and fur to the waist.

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Ansgar ‘Thread-Cutter’ Woe-Maker

Ansgar ‘Thread-Cutter’

Woe-Maker of the Blackmanes

Vlka Fenryka

The woe-makers; they are both hunters and executioners, seeking out champions and commanders in the ranks of the enemy for summary execution.

Their role is an archaic one, echoing the Legion of old. They are inductees of the Cult of Morkai, destroyers bearing the horns of winter and runes of warding.

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Judiciar WIP

The idea of an executioner specialist was too good to pass up on, but I wasn’t keen on the idea of a trainee priest (the codex Judiciar being a trainee Chaplain). However, to have a warrior that represents the Wolves’ ancient role as the Emperor’s Executioners is too good to pass up.

I set out to create a warrior who embodied the idea of an Executioner, a hunter who would seek out heros and commanders among their enemies.

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Crusade Force – 25PL

Murder-Make of Lief Ironhide

Great Company of the Blackmanes

Vlka Fenryka

HQ – Leif Ironhide, Varagyr Battle Leader, Einherjar

Troops – Roneth’s Intercessor Pack [5]

Troops – Haltaf’s Intercessor Pack [5]

Elite – Tyr [Redemptor Dreadnought], Son of Ymir

Fast Attack – Fenrisian Wolf Pack

This force is the start of my Crusade Army, which will be added to over the coming months to reach the 50 power level roster.

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Fenrisian Wolves

Unleashed alongside the warriors of the Rout are packs of Fenrisian Wolves. Beasts of prestigous size and legendary ferocity they harry enemy flanks and tear down their foes in brutal close quarters.

The origin of these beasts is one of the darker elements of the Chapter’s history, for everybody knows, “There are no wolves on Fenris!

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Tyr, Son of Ymir

The Old King
Son of Ymir
Oathed to the Blackmanes
Vlka Fenryka

Former Jarl of the Rout, Tyr once commanded a Great Company.

The sagas say he stalked the snow for thrice as long as the other Jarls and was known in life as the Old King.

Now he is a Son of Ymir, dwelling in the cold until his might at arms is needed. Roused from slumber in the Era Indomitus and clad in an advanced Redemptor pattern chassis, Tyr has been sworn to Jarl Ragnar.

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Thegn Ironhide, Einherjar

Leif Ironhide

Varagyr Battle Leader

Thegn of the Blackmanes


Vlka Fenryka

Design notes; had a lot of fun making subtle adjustments to the original Haldor Icepelt model. Removing the aquilla from the plastron, but setting aside the diamond was particularly fiddly. I also elected to remove the models combat knife which due to its placement really changed the model’s silhouette.

The special issue bolt carbine has been given a new magasine, in the same style as the assault bolt rifles, i wanted them to match, both being assault type weapons. I also clipped off the wolf tooth totem from the gun and re-attached it on a leather wrap, just felt more natural and helped tie the model in with the other models in the force. Likewise, the addition of the wolf tooth and charm necklace.

The head is the Forge World Grey Slayers upgrade kit, and so far is the only bare head in the force. Leif will be the main protagonist in my Crusade, so it seems fitting that he stands out.

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