Gladiator Lancer

Lancer class Gladiator Pattern Battle Tank
Assigned to the Great Company of the Blackmanes

Pictured here with grav-bike escort

Adorned with the spoils of war and accessories of battle, the armoured tanks of the Vlka Fenryka are a formidable sight.

Until Next Winter…

Gladiator Lancer Work In Progress

Heavily inspired by the work of Thunderwulfen work has begun in developing the character of the Rout’s armoured assets, starting with the Gladiator Lancer.

Using fine jewellery chain and a mixture of accessories and parts from other kits, the tank’s narrative has been developed: For example the pair of hunting spears on the main hull, these give a flavour of the force’s role, while note directly related to the tank itself. The relic axe on one side of the tank must belong to a prominent member of the Rout, stowed here for use at another time. The energy cells, fuel and ammunition all relate to the tank itself, but create visual interest. The fabric tarpaulins and wraps are as much a visual cue as they perform functions. It would have been easy to get carried away with adding trophies and pelts to the tank, but felt these too cliché, so minimised their use and positioning.

Hopefully the result is a grittier feel, a tank that has visual links to the infantry in more than just colour scheme.

Until Next Winter…

Einar’s Outriders (Sleipnir Pattern Grav-Bike)

Sleipnir Pattern Grav-Bike

Forged by the Priests of Iron in depths of the Aett, the Sleipnir Pattern Grav-Bike was developed to allow outriders to operate over the very harshest of terrain, able to match the versatility of the grav-tanks upon deployment.

The Rout favour this pattern over the wheeled predecessor variant, unhindered by rugged terrain.

Einar’s Pack [Outriders]

Great Company of the Blackmanes

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Ivaldi Forgesson, Iron Priest

Ivaldi Forgesson
Priest of Iron and Vördr of the Sons of Ymir

The Priest of Iron is a keeper of the Rout’s technology, a weapon-smith and craftsmen.

His prowess in these things knows no bounds, privy to the secrets of the Hammerhold and his trade.

As Vördr of the Sons of Ymir, it is to the Priests of Iron who responsibility falls for the keeping of the Chapter’s dreadnoughts.

Until Next Winter…

WIP Iron Priest

Taking the fantastic Techmarine miniature as a base, a number of alterations have been made:

– Head swap (leather masked head from the Grey Slayer’s upgrade kit by Forge World).
– New pauldrons (Grey Slayer’s & MkIII).
– Converted the axe to be a hammer with the rear clamp a stylised wolf’s head (using the wolf head of a Grey Slayer resin axe).
– Added the blacksmith’s grips (salamanders sprue).
– Added the blacksmith’s leather apron.
– Added rivets to his knee armour.
– Removed some iconography to clean him up.

Until Next Winter…