WIP Assault Intercessors

Using the push-fit assault intercessors from the Indomitus boxset as a base, I removed all the Imperial iconography and purity seals and cleaned them up for use as Vlka Fenryka.

All the arms were cut above the elbow and new shoulders fitted so they’ll take MkIII pads (the original models had moulded on MkX tacticus pads). The chainswords were removed and replaced with ones from the space wolves upgrade sprue, slightly more savage looking with the double sided blade.

Details were added in the form of 3D printed resin rivets and greenstuff fur and trinkets.

Until Next Winter….

Váli, Son of Ymir

The Old King
Son of Ymir
Oathed to the Blackmanes
Vlka Fenryka

Once a great lord of the Rout, Váli is a warrior from the Chapter’s distant past. It is said he is fated to see the Wolf-King before his thread is severed, foretold to survive the end times.

The ornate and detailed armour that adorns the dreadnought’s chassis bear the stylised deeds and sagas of the warrior within, that Váli’s are rendered in ancient gold relief is testament to his standing in the Chapter.

The knotwork upon the right pauldron armour is said to reflect Váli’s immortal thread, ever twisting on, but never breaking. Forever evading Morkai’s grasp, whose sigil crests the design.

The sigil of the Blackmane upon the left pauldron shows Váli’s status as oathed the Jarl Ragnar’s great company.

Váli and Tyr, Sons of Ymir

Until Next Winter…

Jarl Ragnar, Lord of the Blackmanes

Jarl Ragnar ‘The Young King’

Lord of the Blackmanes

An absolutely incredible sculpt by Darren Latham, the pose and details are so well thought out. I opted to swap out Ragnar’s traditional head for one from the Grey Slayer upgrade pack, albeit with a re-positioned pony tail plait to match the movement of the model.

For the sword I chose a black to red fade to mimic the painted Ragnar from the third edition codex, which in turn informed the choice of colour for the cloak. Both complimenting the red wolf head iconography.

Ragnar has been given a suitably grand home, with a custom scenic base and bell jar case.

The bell jar is from Ikea and the plinth from Taro Model Maker.

Until Next Winter…

Venerable Redemptor WIP

The aim of this project is to create a Redemptor dreadnought that has the feel of an ancient machine, more decorated and adorned than the core kit, but still keeping the silhouette and basic form.

Bjorn’s armour plates were cut and added to the front panels, then trimmed with plasticard of a matching thickness. Push moulds were use to create some of the iconography and the rivets are cast resin.

Until Next Winter…

Cynrik ‘hearth-breaker’ Hagensson

Priest of the Cult of Morkai
Speaker of the Dead
Pledged to the Blackmanes

The wolf priests of the Rout look after both the spiritual well-being of the Chapter’s warriors as well as the physical. Warrior priests are equally adept in the arts of gene-craft as they are in moral.

Wolf Priests are inductees of the Cult of Morkai, their link to the death-wolf evident in their aesthetic; stylised bone armour, skulls and bone fetishes. Set apart from the structure of the great companies the priest proudly wear the skull symbol of the cult on their left pauldron rather than a great company icon.

The horn triskel motif on the right pauldron is representative of triumph against great odds or with great loss.

The power mace wielded by Hagensson is a particularly brutal instrument of death. Unlike chaplains in codex chapters the Wolf Priests do not carry a crozius in battle.

Until Next Winter…

Bladeguard Veterans WIP

“Shield Wall!” (this is the brief for what I want to achieve)

The Bladeguard Veterans will be the core of Ragnar’s Varagyr, his chosen warriors and superlative fighters, they need to be dynamic and of fearsome aspect, but not crazed berserkers. With this in mind I opted to use the Assault Intercessors as a base, their poses are rich in motion and lend (unsurprisingly) well to combat loadouts.

I started by cleaning them up, removing all the Imperial iconography and preparing them for Fenrisian embellishments. Fur was added to the waist and a diamond of protection to each warrior’s plastron, but on a leather band, not set into the armour (simply to make it more interesting and add texture).

The usual trappings of MkIII Iron Armour pauldrons and additional rivets to the knees tie them in with the rest of the army, while the Imperial Fist Upgrade Helmets and Grey Slayer Pauldrons subtly alter their aesthetic so they stand apart.

The shields are from the Space Wolf Terminator kit, with all the iconography removed and the boss added to the centre. The boss is simply the ball joint from a Marine’s bare head. The sword scabbards were made from plasticard.

Until Next Winter…

Arn Flokisson ‘wyrd-walker’

Arn Flokisson ‘wyrd-walker’

Gothi of the Blackmanes

Einherjar to Jarl Ragnar

The rune priests stand apart within the chapter, set aside from the company structure in much the same was their librarian cousins in codex adherent chapters, serving the chapter as a whole and reporting directly to the Great Wolf.

Like much of the Vlka Fenryka’s structure simplicity reigns over complex hierarchies, Gothi (Rune Priests) pledge their services to the Jarls, essentially joining the Great Companies for an agreed duration, this may be a crusade or determined period of time. In their role within the Great Companies they provide spiritual guidance to the Rout’s warriors, ward against maleficarum and fight as battle-pskyers.

Arn Flokisson served within the ranks of the unnumbered sons, joining the Chapter at the decree of Lord Guiliman. Flokisson pledged his services to the Young King alongside Leif Ironhide with the blessing of both the Stormcaller and the Great Wolf.

The right pauldron is decorated with a complex knotwork pattern flanked by a pair of wolves. The knotwork design represent the winding paths of wyrd and the flanking wolves it’s guardians. The wolves provide protection both for and from the priest’s mystical gifts.

The horned skull staff is a force weapon of potent power, used to channel the Gothi’s gift.

The knotwork eagle design of the armour’s grieve is the sign of the All-father. The rune on the the kneepad is a mark of aversion.

The mark of the Blackmane decorates the left pauldron, a sign of the Priest’s allegiance to Jarl Ragnar.

Until Next Winter…