Painting the Rout

This section of the project log provides a breakdown of the basic colours and process used to paint the Vlka Fenryka found in this 30k Project Log.

Under Coating/Primer: all models are primed in Chaos Black Spray

Grey Armour

The models are base coated in two thin coats of Mechanicus Standard Grey, the recesses and panel joints are carefully picked out with a Nuln Oil wash.

The grey panels are highlighted in Dawnstone Grey, with a finer highlight of Administratum Grey to the upper edges only.


Metals / Silvers

All metals (silver) are base coated in Leadbelcher, washed withNuln Oil and highlighted in Ironbreaker.


Red Armour / Gems

Base coated in Khorne Red, layer in Wazdakka Red, highlight in Evil Sunz Scarlet, fine highlight in Troll Slayer Orange. Glaze the whole thing in Bloodletter.


Fur Pelts

Base coat in Rhinox Hide, drybrush and high light to select ares with Steel Legion Drab, final highlight with Rakarth Flesh and wash with Agrax Earthshade.


Bronze/Brass Details

Sycorax Bronze base coat, wash with Agrax Earthshade and highlight (very sparingly) with Ironbreaker.



Undercoat in Kislev Flesh, wash with Agrax Earthshade, highlight with Kislev Flesh.


Gun Casings

Base coat in Abaddon Black, Highlight with Mechanicus Standard Grey.


Pouches and Webbing

Basecoat in Steel Legion Drab, wash with Agrax Earthshade, highlight in Steel Legion Drab.



Earth/dirt effect areas are undercoated in Rhinox Hide, Drybrush/highlight with Steel Legion Drab, light drybrush/fine highlight with Rakarth Flesh.

Stone/slabs are undercoated in Stormvermin Fur, recesses washed with Agrax Earthshade and highlighted in Dawnstone.

Valhallan Blizzard is used to add snow effect to all bases.


These principles form the basis of all painted models on the 30k blog, more in depth techniques and further unique details have more varied and rigorous process to paint them.

Until Next Winter…