Thegn Sveric Vyardsson, ‘the old wolf’

Thegn and Claw Leader in Hvarl Red-Blade’s Great Company, Vyardsson is one of the Routs oldest warriors, save for the venerable Ulvurul Heoroth and a select few senior warriors in the wolf king’s Varagyr. Vyardsson’s reputation rides the same wyrd as his Jarl, a head taker and scourge of the Imperium’s foe. A cunning strategist and wise warrior with a saga that pre-dates the finding of Prospero, Vyardsson’s voice carries great wait amongst Hvarl’s war counsel and his wolf-kin always pay heed to his advice.

Clad in an ornate suit of Tartaros Terminator Armour, Syardsson favours a combi-plasma and a chain fist, good for ending lives and breaking armour!

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Thegn/Claw Leader (Legion Centurion) WIP 02

In order to meet the Force Selection requirements of needing to have either a Praetor or Thegn in every army, as well as having to have a HQ choice for every 1000pts of the army, it was time to bulk out the compulsory options to prepare for more campaign games. Specifically to create a centurion that would run thematically within the same force as the mighty Hvarl Red-Blade.

Using a standard plastic Tartaros Terminator as a base, shoulder pauldrons have been swapped in from the Geigor plastic kit, trimming one up and re-setting the shoulder shield to face forwards. A head swap gives the model some instant character and a large wolf pelt has been created to drape over the armour (this is a nice through back to the original inspiration for this force: The cape underneath has been cut from the Lord of Contagion model from Dark Imperium.

The spike with skull on top of the torso armour represent’s Hvarl Red-Blade’s reputation as a head-taker, a reputation that extends to his great company.

The Thegn will be armed with a chain fist and a combi-plasma keeping him simple but extremely potent when accompanying a squad.

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Spartan Heavy Assault Tank(s)

An armoured transport of truly massive proportions, the Spartan is a heavy assault tank previously all but unknown outside of the revered Adeptus Astartes and the secretive Adeptus Mechanicus. The Spartan is a huge armoured conveyor whose purpose is to carry a large body of troops into the very heart of an enemy’s battle lines, weathering weapons fire that would be the death of any lesser vehicle. It is this very reason that the tank is favoured by the warriors and commanders of the Rout.

Its design bears clear connections with that of the mighty Land Raider, and its genius is such that the greater proportion of its interior space is given over to a transport capacity greater than any other Imperial vehicle save the super-heavy Gorgons – being capable of carrying twenty-five power armoured Astartes warriors into battle. It is, however, considerably faster on the battlefield thanks to potent reactor-driven motive drives, and it boasts an equally potent armament in the form of sponson-mounted quad lascannon batteries and secondary heavy bolters. If the tank is considered to be fearsome, its cargo is ever more deadly!

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Einar Haltaf, ‘impetuous’, and Inceptor Pack

Haltaf leads a pack of Fenrisian Inceptors, combat drop troops who reinforce their Rout-brothers through low-orbit insertion. Considered among their wolf-brothers to be reckless and insane, many of the interceptors are spiritual warriors, seeking guidance from the Rout’s Gothi and holding countenance in supernatural beings of Fenrisian mythology. Haltaf, like his airborne kindred, is an adrenalin seeking warrior, heedless in his prosecution of the Imperium’s foes.

The fury of the Inceptor’s close support attacks is near unparalleled among the Forsaetid Radherja, able to bring swift and overwhelming firepower with pinpoint accuracy.

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Brodir Magnusson, ‘the red-jarl’, and Hell-Blaster Pack.

Brodir Magnusson, was given the affectionate moniker of ‘the Red Jarl’ after a series of arguably unfortunate events lead to his similarities in name and countenance being likened to the arch-traitor. Whilst the exact details of these events are rarely recounted, Magnusson has refused to replace his missing eye and despite his best efforts, the name endures, leaving a bitter aftertaste that appears to account for Magnusson’s dour and serious demeanour. Despite his gloomy attitude, Magnusson is a marksman of note, his steadfast aim earning him unwavering respect within the Rout.

Magnusson’s pack of so called Hellblasters, a term in low-gothic that has been received with some amusement among the warriors of the Rout, have none the less proven to be devastating upon the battlefield, their firepower near unmatched.

The pack display a ebony shoulder pauldron with gold markings,  a stark contrast to the ivory plate of their brethren,  symbolic of the risk these warriors take in using such weaponry in battle.

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