Test Intercessor

The objective here was simple, to create a scheme that embodies my vision of how the Vlka Fenryka should (and i use this word carefully) look in a 40k setting. For me the Heresy era space wolves have always been closest to my vision of the Legion/Chapter.

I wanted to subtley move from the flat grey of the legion era bringing in reference to the blues of the Games Workshop official colour scheme without casting them in their canon blue/grey.

In lieu of brightly coloured pack markings I’ve opted for knotwork devises and symbols that echo the tenents of the Codex Astrates without taking their blunt style. The use of the white pauldrons and red knotwork brings interest and colour without overbearing vibrance.

Additionally i want the warriors to adorned in their cutlure, for me this is runes, knotwork, brass trim and fenrisian iconography. Most importantly this is a complete lack of imperial iconography, the use of the imperial aquila, skulls and laurels lends to a different aesthetic, one that doesn’t fit with the pseudo-viking stylings I envisage.

I’d be very interesting to see what people think, so drop me a message on here or on Instagram.

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Era Indomitus

It is the 41st millennium.
Ten thousand years have passed since the Primarch Horus turned to
Chaos and betrayed his father, the Emperor of Mankind. plunging the galaxy into ruinous civil war.

For one hundred centuries the Imperium has endured xenos invasion, internal dissent, and the perfidious attentions of the dark gods of the warp. The Emperor sits immobile upon the Golden Throne of Terra, a psychic bastion against infernal powers. It is His will alone that lights the Astronomican, binding together the Imperium, yet not one word has He uttered in all that time. Without His guidance, mankind has strayed farfrom the path of enlightenment.

The bright ideals of the Age of Wonder have withered and died. To be alive in this time is a terrible fate, where an existence of grinding servitude is the best that can be hoped for, and a quick death is seen as the kindest mercy.

As the Imperium continues its inevitable decline, Abaddon, last true son of the Primarch Horus, and now Warmaster in his stead, has reached the climax of a plan millennia in the making, tearing reality open across the width of the galaxy and unleashing forces unheard of. At last it seems after centuries of valiant struggle, mankind’s doom is at hand.

Into this darkness a pale shaft of light penetrates. The Primarch Roboute Guilliman has been woken from deadly slumber by alien sorcery and arcane science. Returning to Terra, he has resolved to set right this dire imbalance, to defeat Chaos once and for all, and to restart the Emperor’s grand plan for humanity.

But first, the Imperium must be saved. The galaxy is split in twain. On one side, Imperium Sanctus, beleaguered but defiant. On the other. Imperium Nihilus, thought lost to the night. A mighty crusade has been called to take back the Imperium and restore its glory. All mankind stands ready for the greatest conflict of the age. Failure means extinction, and the path to victory leads only to war.

This is the era Indomitus

– Guy Haley, Avenging Son, Dawn of Fire (pg 5)

With the release of Warhammer 40,000 (9th edition) and particularly the Crusade system of narrative gaming, not to mentions the emergence of an exciting new epoch in the established lore, it seems the perfect time to create ‘Space Wolves’ as I have always envisaged them.

It won’t come as a surprise to most that I’m incredibly passionate about the Vlka Fenryka and how they are portrayed both in the lore and on the tabletop. And to be clear, I mean this in a positive way, this will not descend into a rant about how much I hate the idea of thunderwolf cavalry or Grimnar’s chariot (well, maybe a little…), this will be a meaningful look at what the Vlka Fenryka are to me, what they embody and how I see them aesthetically.

Inevitably my views of the wolves are heavily influenced by their original Legion image at the time of Heresy, so finely depicted in Prospero Burns, Thousand Sons, Unremembered Empire, Wolf King and Wolfsbane, to name a few. Their portrayal in these books stripped back the layers of wolf iconography and wolf linked epitaphs to leave a culturally rich band of warriors, steeped in Norse and Germanic mythology, this is how I’ve always seen the ‘Space Wolves’ ever since getting my teeth into the 3rd edition codex. For me, they are futuristic barbarian warriors, space Vikings for want of a simple analogy. The wolf iconography and influence on them is secondary, a visual identity that links to their moniker, but not their defining characteristic.

Now this isn’t the first time I have looked at creating 40k space wolves that fit the image I want, but through the previous incarnations I have learned what I do and don’t like, what works to strengthen their image and what damages the aesthetic for me. And over what must now be ten armies, including three heresy era creations (the latter two of which have been the very subject of this project log) I have a good feeling about what the future holds and how I will create something to incarnate my vision.

With this in mind I intend to create a force of Vlka Fenryka fit for the Era Indomitus!

Until Next Winter…

10,000 Points!!

While the army development has been almost exclusively honed around the narrative of the overall force, building claws and unit configurations to represent an interpretation of the lore and background, the opportuinity to celebrate 10,000 points was too good an oportunity to pass up.


10,000 Points Force Disposition:


Russ’ Household

Leman Russ, Freki & Geri

Grimnir Bloodblack’s Pack [10 Legion Veterans] + Spartan Assault Tank


Onn Company

Jarl Gunnar Gunnhilt + 2 Fenrisian Wolves

Legion Centurion: Champion Consul + Fenrisian Wolf

Priest of Fenris; Speaker of the Dead

Priest of Fenris; Caster of Runes

Varagyr Pack [6] + Spartan Assault Tank

Varagyr Pack [6] + Spartan Assault Tank


Sepp Company

Jarl Hvarl Red-Blade

Legion Centurion; Herald Consul + Fenrisian Wolf

Legion Terminator Pack [7]

Legion Mortificator + Legion ‘Castraferrum’ Pattern Dreadnoughts [2]

Mastodon Super Heavy Siege Tank

Thegn Skeldsson ‘the Fell-Hand’ (count’s as Giegor)

Grey Slayer Pack [15] + Apothecary

Grey Slayer Pack [15] + Apothecary

Grey Slayer Pack [15] + Apothecary

Legion Centurion; Champion Consul (jump pack)

Storm Claw Pack [15 | Assault Marines] + Apothecary

Proteus Pattern Landspeeder Squadron [3]

Legion Centurion; Moritat Consul (jump pack)

Legion Destroyer Squad [10]

Legion Support Squad [5]; Flamers

MkIIb ‘Achilles-Alpha’ Pattern Land Raider

Legion Centurion; Warmonger Consul

Legion Seeker Pack [5]

Legion ‘Castraferrum’ Pattern Dreadnought

Legion ‘Contemptor’ Pattern Dreadnought

Legion Centurion; Praevian Consul + Vorax Battle Automata [3]

Priest of Fenris; Speaker of the Dead

Deathsworn Pack [9]

MkIIb ‘Phobos’ Pattern Land Raider

Legion Centurion; Primus-Nullificator Consul

Legion Nullificator Pack [5]

Legion Storm Eagle Assault Gunship

Legion Fire Raptor Gunship

Legion Vindictor

Legion Whirlwind Scorpius

Legion Sabre Tank

Legion Sabre Tank


And that summarises all of the units included.

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Hearlds of Heresy; Horus Heresy Event

Had the pleasure of attending the Heralds of Heresy’s invitational event; The Ceryxian Crusade Part 1. The Heralds of Heresy Podcast is a quality broadcast and well worth checking out; https://www.facebook.com/heraldsofheresypodcast/ 

The event was a doubles event, with three games in one day. The whole event was fantastically well run and each table rich with terrain, additionally each table had a mission tailored to its theme making for a well executed narrative.

Each player was required to field 1500pts. I teamed up with Ben / @Luther_Did_Nothing_Wrong and his Dark Angels. We were somewhat humbled to be awarded the sportsman award, with all of our opponents voting for us!


With Ben’s list being almost entirely tanks (armoured breakthrough rite of war) i fielded entirely infantry for the rout:


If that wasn’t enough I was also awarded favourite single miniture by the Heralds of Heresy team for the Moritat, Thunar ‘the marked’.

Until Next Winter…

Ancient Thunaer, Castraferrum Pattern Dreadnought of Sepp Company

Ancient Thunaer, waster of land and destroyer of worlds. Thunaer is venerable former warlord of the Rout, previously a Jarl of Sepp company and one of the last of the Terran legionnaires to still serve the Vlka Fenryka.

Even in death, Thunaer serves; clad in Castraferrum Dreadnought armour, a pattern which although less sophisticated than the Contemptors so common among the Legions, is more easily maintained and capable of fielding equally brutal weaponry. Thunaer favours the devastation of a Plasma Cannon and a Heavy Flamer, as is befitting of the immolation tactics of Sepp Company.

Until Next Winter…

Thegn Leif Uhtredsson ‘warmonger’

Thegn Leif Uhtredsson ‘warmonger’, Second to Hvarl Redblade, Sepp Company.

The ‘jarl-apparant’ of Sepp Company, Uhtredsson is afforded the favour of Hvarl Redblade and earn’s his place with bloody sweeps of his axe and claws.

Design Note: using the Geigor model as a base (the armour is suitably ornate to represent artificier plate) and changing the weapons to suit the desired wargear loadout, the sihouette has been subtley altered with more conventional pauldrons and a MkIV helm. 

Until Next Winter…

Long Blade Pack (Flamer Support)

Support Squad Jorlund, Sepp Company
Hvarl’s company are typified by flame and destruction, never more literally than by the devastating flamer sections.

Design note: keen to find a suitable heresy era name for the 30k equivalent of Long Fangs. Taking cues from 40k units to similar Heresy units, Grey Hunters are Grey Slayers, Blood Claws are Storm Claws.
So the established convention is to retain one element of the name and switch to an alternative, after discussion with the community and much deliberation I have settled upon Long Blades. This epitaph will be adopted for all support and heavy weapon units. 

Until Next Winter…

Legion Sabre Strike Tank Squadron

Fast, rugged and heavily armed, the Sabre serves the Vlka Fenryka as a strike tank, attacking key enemy targets and destroying them long before they can pose a threat to the Rout’s furious advance. The speed of these vehicles allows them to evade any counter-attack and reform to strike at the vulnerable flanks of the enemy army, keeping the heavy armour suppressed.

WIP Photo:


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