WIP Primus-Nullificator

Essentially a Rune Priest of the Rout, the ‘Primus-Nullificator’ is a level one psyker, armed with cataphractii terminator plate and an aether-shock maul.

Built around the core of a Varagyr upper torso the model was developed to represent a priest, a battle psyker of the heresy’s middling years. The idea was to have a rougher feel to him than the Caster of Runes developed previously, more trinkets and a little more rogue, which i hope the model conveys.

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Tormund Flokisson, ‘wind walker’, Priest of Fenris, Caster of Runes, Gothi.

Tormund Flokisson, a priest of Sesc Company and Einherjar to Jarl Skunnr. Known among his kindred as a spirit walker, well versed in the world of the wights he sends his thread out upon the winds of the world sphere and divines the tides of fate for the good of Sesc Company.

Not only are his arts of divination famed among the Rout, Flokisson is a potent battle psyker, channeling the under-verse to leech the life from his foes, bring strength and speed to his arms and curse those before him, their blades faltering and and will breaking.

2018-08-04 09.09.22.jpg

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Aurvandil Manisson ‘the lunar wolf’, Caster of Runes

A rune priest of unpredictable temperament and prone to fits of insane unintelligible chanting in a language unknown to the minds of mortal men, Manisson is however a talented scryer and soothsayer, known for his un-waveringly accurate predictions and forewarning riddles.

Manisson is known as the ‘Lunar Wolf’ among the Rout for two reasons, firstly because of his close ties with the Sons of Horus during the Great Crusade, serving alongside their Legion in the wars of compliance, and secondly as he has been found on more than one occasion out on the snows of Asaheim, ill dressed for the weather and bellowing at the Moon. It is Manisson’s firm belief that the Moon harbours a dark spirit that stalks his sleep and troubles his dreams.

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Vlka Fenryka 6000pts

Time seems to have passed at a such a considerable rate since this project was begun in April of 2016, so much so that a ‘whole army’ picture has failed to happen. So having broken the 6000pts threshold (6081pts to be exact) the warriors of the Rout have been assembled!

2017-07-30 19.36.55.jpg

Personae Dramatis:

  • Leman Russ & Russ’ Wolf Kin
  • Praetor (Cataphractii)
  • Legion Command Squad (Cataphractii)
  • Speaker of the Dead (Cataphracii)
  • Hvarl Red-Blade
  • Centurion (Tartaros)
  • Legion Terminator Squad (Tartaros) & Spartan Assault Tank
  • Legion Terminator Squad (Tartaros) & Spartan Assault Tank
  • Rune Caster
  • Veteran Squad, Apothecary & Rhino
  • Centurion
  • Veteran Squad, Apothecary & Rhino
  • Speaker of the Dead
  • Deathsworn & MkIIb Land Raider Phobos
  • Contemptor Dreadnought Talon
  • Legion Dreadnought
  • Leviathan Siege Dreadnought
  • Grey Slayer Pack & Rhino
  • Grey Slayer Pack & Rhino
  • Grey Slayer Pack & Rhino
  • Predator Strike Tank
  • Sicaran Battle Tank

All of these units, their construction and their painting have been included within this project log, easily accessible from the Navigation section of the sidebar.

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the30kchannel – Inferno Book Review and 6th Legion vs 15th Legion Skirmishes

Had the absolute pleasure of visiting the30kchannel once again, filming a short look at Forge World’s Book VII Inferno and playing out some sample skirmishes to showcase some of the new legion rules and units.

This little video also acts as a prelude to playing through the whole Inferno Campaign with my friendly adversary Dan (@1kson on instagram) and his spectacular Thousand Sons army.

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Tormund Andwend Flokisson, Rune Priest

Quiet and solitary, Tormund Andwend Fklokisson is everything one would expect of a spirit seer of the Vlka Fenryka. A Gothi of considerable skill Flokisson is known as the Wind Walker by his pack-brothers, a name afforded to him for his ability to cast his spirit out upon the world wind and visit far off places, places far from the Aett.


Flokisson keeps close to him a double headed eagle of meticulous design, a psi-construct of a time before old-night, the mighty Aquila is attuned to the Rune Priests senses, obeying his commands with thought alone.

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