This section of the project log is concerned with an offshoot and re-imagining of the Vlka Fenryka in the Warhammer 40,000 setting, particularly centered around the release of Dark Imperium and the Primaris-Astartes. The opportunity for a side project at this increased ‘true scale’ was too good to pass up. Until Next Winter…

Forsaetid Radherja

The Forsaetid Radherja, or as they are more commonly known: Primaris Space Marines, are those newly forged warriors that were assigned to the Vlka Fenryka to bolster their forces, integrated into the Rout and its ways to fight alongside the established wolf-brothers.

A peculiarity that sets the Vlka Fenryka’s Primaris Marines apart from others of their kind is that those would-be warriors who were selected for Cawl’s experimentations in that time so very long ago were, like their brothers, children of Fenris. Abducted from their birth world under the sanction of the Wolf-King at the behest of Lord Guilliman. Three raiding parties from the southern ice plane tribes settled in for another cold winter night and ceased to exist before the dawn, an act never committed to the sagas, and forgotten to the passing of time.

Those warriors taken from the ice world would not set foot upon Fenris for another ten millennia.

The literal translation of Forsaetid Radherja from the Fenrisian tongue into high-gothic is ‘Justian Seraphus’ or ‘Angel of Judgement’ in low gothic, but the phrase in Fenrisian mythology in fact has duel meanings. The first meaning, as the varying gothic translations reflect, is that the Forsaetid Radherja are the spiritual keepers of the Underverse, who’s role is to ensure that justice is served upon the souls of the dead at their time of passing, inflicting great tortures and providing protection in equal measure dependent upon a mortal’s actions in life. The second meaning is ‘Unjust Executioner’, a feared mantle placed upon a tribe member who takes justice into their own hands, to stray from the tribe’s laws and be given this title is damning and considered a poor omen.

The mantle was given to the newly inducted Primaries Astartes during the opening actions of their first major engagement. Such was the effectiveness of the Primaris Astartes, Jarl Grimnar likened the ferocity of the Imperium’s new super-soldiers to an angelic host serving justice upon souls found wanting.

Jormund Buliwyf, ‘Kings Bane’, Jarl of the Bakhjolda

Buliwyf, or Beowulf in low gothic, is a Jarl of the Rout honoured with leading a murder-pack in a duty as old as deep winter ice. Where the Jarl stalks, red snow surely follows, Buliwyf’s reputation for uncompromising violence does little to convey the true terror of his excessive acts of bloodshed. It is perhaps this evident lack of restraint that accounts for why Jarl Builwyf has not been granted command of one of the Rout’s great companies, possessing measurably less tactical acumen or diplomatic poise than the other Jarls. Still, Buliwyf is a true son of Fenris, a proven hunter and a warrior whose prowess with axe and blade are beyond riposte. The duty to which his axe is oathed is one of old provenance amongst the Rout, a duty that sees the wolves of Fenris set upon the scent of one marked for death, an execution oath, the Bakhojlda.

It should be noted that a linguistic curiosity of the Fenrisian native tongue gives Buliwyf a varied pronunciation when spoken in different cants, in Juvjk it is Buliwyf, in the Rout’s battle-cant known as Wurgen, it is Bulveye, both names translating into low gothic as Beowulf. There are but a handful of names that have a variance when spoken in Wurgen, to some Fenrisian cultures to possess such a name is believed to indicate a fractured or broken soul.


Fenris Hjolda! Low Gothic:- “Fenris Endures”

Before the warrior extended a frozen nightmare, a world sundered by invasion and burned by unnatural powers, now frozen, seemingly forever preserving the devastation and planetary scarring. The world, even in its prime could never have been described as hospitable, Fenris was far from a gracious host even to those born of its ways, but now…

…The Crimson King had brought a war like no other to the Fenrisian system, worlds were irreparably changed, damaged and torn, it’s people massacred, even those that survived the horror were put to the knife, having witnessed forbidden horrors impermissible to the Imperium. The future of the Vlka Fenryka hung by a slender thread, their forces depleted and the tribes they recruit from slaughtered by friend and foe.

The warrior that now stood upon the shores of Asaheim represented hope for the Vlka Fenryka, a warrior forged by arcane artifice and clad in mark ten war-plate, a new warrior for a new age. As the darkness of the sundered Imperium closes in, this warrior, with his brethren, will take the All-Father’s light to the darkness and banish the shadows, or at least this is what the Skalds say. The light of the Vlka Fenryka’s future flickered with promise, Jarl Guilliman’s reinforcement’s ushering in a new age of crusade and conquest, offering riposte to the forces laying waste to Mankind.

Those Astartes-Primaris implanted with the canis-helix are considered by many to a be step too far, the aberrant effects and mutations associated with the gene-forging believed too unpredictable and the theorised results of mixing Cawl’s creations with Russ’ gene-lineage too terrible to comprehend. Those naysayers were wrong. Unlike the Astartes that have fought for Fenris over the past ten millennia the Astarte-Primaris have no observable pre-cursors of mutation, no recorded anomalies of gene-code or outbreaks of the curse in a century of operational combat. The Primaris-Astartes are, despite fears, a more biologically stable breed of super warrior.

Dubbed by Jarl Grimnar as the Forsaetid Radherja, ‘Angels of Justice’ in low-gothic, the saga of the Vlka Fenryka continues into new age, the Wolves joining Jarl Guilliman’s crusade to bring retribution to the enemies of Mankind, reprising their ancient role as the Imperial Sanction.

Ansgar Hakansson, ‘the Bloodied’, Varagyr Battle Leader

Hakansson is an advisor to the Jarl, and battle leader. In contrast to Helfdane, he is hot headed and a short-tempered warrior, easily baited to violence and always outspoken in favour of blunt and unrelenting military actions. Often likened to the Jarl he is shadowed by a bloody saga of decisive and brutal violence in the name of the All-Father.

Forsetii Helfdane, ‘the Jarls conscious’, Varagyr Battle Leader

Helfdane is the Jarl’s closest confidant, an inducted champion of the Varagyr and a rout-brother of clear purpose. Known as a broker of honesty among the pack, on more than one occasion Helfdane’s counsel has stayed the Jarl’s temper and even at times, his axe.

Helfdane is one of the Vlka Fenryka’s Primaris-Astartes, a new bread of warrior created in the wake of a sundered Imperium. Guilliman’s crusade to reclaim the stars brings hope to mankind’s wavering future and the Wolves of Fenris take up their axes as the Imperium’s sanction once again.

Wyfric Halgasson, ‘skald’ and Intercessor Pack

Halgasson is the warband’s skald, not by calling or by choice, but in practice, an adopted role that is a stark contrast with the warrior’s generally quiet nature. Halgasson rarely speaks unless retelling a poignant saga or truth from the rout’s history, as such his insights and wisdom have become a guiding force for the warriors of the Rout.

Halgasson leads his pack with a stern hand, keeping his warriors path true with clipped orders and direct action.

Ragnar Aethelwyf, ‘Gothi-Born’, and Intercessor Pack

Neither a psyker nor caster of runes, Aethelwyf is none the less the Bakhjolda’s spiritual keeper, well versed in the Gothi practices and rituals of the Rout. It is said among his pack-brothers that Aethelwyf is shadowed by the Whites of Fenris, spiritual beings, shades bound to the verse with unfinished business and through Aethelwyf they seek closure. Whatever the truth to this, the wolves pay heed to Aethelwyf’s foreboding’s and attuned pre-natural instincts. On the Bakhjolda it is to Aethelwyf that the ritual duties of protection and aversion fall, seeking spiritual observance for his pack.

A pack leader of guile and cunning, Aethelwfy leads with a conviction that boarders on the fanatic. In truth Aethelwyf is more than a little feared by his pack brothers, a spiritual mysticism surrounds him that for some smells of maleficarum.

Brodir Magnusson, ‘the red-jarl’ and Hellblaster Pack

Brodir Magnusson, was given the affectionate moniker of ‘the Red Jarl’ after a series of arguably unfortunate events lead to his similarities in name and countenance being likened to the arch-traitor. Whilst the exact details of these events are rarely recounted, Magnusson has refused to replace his missing eye and despite his best efforts, the name endures, leaving a bitter aftertaste that appears to account for Magnusson’s dour and serious demeanour. Despite his gloomy attitude, Magnusson is a marksman of note, his steadfast aim earning him unwavering respect within the Rout.

Magnusson’s pack of so called Hellblasters, a term in low-gothic that has been received with some amusement among the warriors of the Rout, have none the less proven to be devastating upon the battlefield, their firepower near unmatched. The pack display a ebony shoulder pauldron with gold markings,  a stark contrast to the ivory plate of their brethren,  symbolic of the risk these warriors take in using such weaponry in battle.

Einar Haltaf, ‘impetuous’, and Inceptor Pack

Haltaf leads a pack of Fenrisian Inceptors, combat drop troops who reinforce their Rout-brothers through low-orbit insertion. Considered among their wolf-brothers to be reckless and insane, many of the interceptors are spiritual warriors, seeking guidance from the Rout’s Gothi and holding countenance in supernatural beings of Fenrisian mythology. Haltaf, like his airborne kindred, is an adrenalin seeking warrior, heedless in his prosecution of the Imperium’s foes.

The fury of the Inceptor’s close support attacks is near unparalleled among the Forsaetid Radherja, able to bring swift and overwhelming firepower with pinpoint accuracy.

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