Priest of Fenris: Speaker of the Dead WIP

This model represents a re-make of an older character with the Legion, a model i have converted before, but wanted to improve upon.

Where as before i used a plain MkIII body as a base, this time i have used one of the Deathsworn, their more ornate armour nicely fitting for Artificer or Aether Rune Armour. The masked head gives him a monastic and aggressive aesthetic. The Axe has been converted using the original crozius and chain blades from the Varagyr Terminators.

Until Next Winter…


Legion MkIIB Land Raider

Decided to add a MkIIB Land Raider to the armoury, foremost to carry the Deathsworn into battle.

Such a great kit by Forge World. Extra-Armour tracks have been added to give the tank a more heresy era feel and doors by Forge World.

Until Next Winter…

Legion Praevian & Vorax WIP

Looking to explore the myriad forms of Fenrisian Priests, beyond that of Caster of Runes and Speaker of the Dead, attention has been turned to the Priests of Iron, of which several are planned. The first to find form is the Praevian, a master of automata:


This model used the Legion Praevian as a base, spliced with parts from the Grey Slayer Kit and a plastic MkIII leg (to match the mkIII bionic). The raven skulls are from the Games Workshop Skulls Box (such a good converting aid).

To accompany the Praevian, Vorax have been chosen, perhaps not as tactical as the Castellax option, but more beastial and befitting of the Wolves.

The idea behind these creations is that the Priests of Iron sacrifice a Fenrisian animal to give the machines animus, binding their souls to Fenris and awakening them firmly in the service of the Rout. The skull, fur and hide is then draped over the automata like a headdress.

Until Next Winter…

Deathsworn Pack, The Black Cull

Within the Vlka Fenryka, those warriors plagued by dreams of the Death Wolf begin to lose their sanity, the all-consuming impulse to kill and kill again grows within them. These warriors are selected by the Speakers of the Dead, inducted into the Cult of Morkai and become the Deathsworn. These warriors who give themselves over became the a cursed and honoured brethren; marked by their wolf-skull helms, they are the embodiment of the hunger of death in the heart of the Legion and walk to war to earn an honourable death.

The Deathsworn kit is fanastic, including a wealth of parts and options:


Until Next Winter…

Hvarl Redblade WIP 01

With the wyrd winds blowing in favour of the rout, i was lucky enough to pick up Hvarl Redblade from the Forge World Horus Heresy Weekender.

Components of the kit:

I intended to make some alterations to the kit, which will follow in the post and future posts, the proposed alterations will roughly be as follows:

  • Custom base to match the other sixth legion models.
  • Add a beard to the head.
  • Adapt the heavy bolter to be a single handed terminator heavy weapon, and improve the balance of the weapon. Add a magazine to replace the feed.
  • Increase the wolf pelt on the right pauldron.
  • Add a grenade harness.
  • Alter the axe to be held higher on the handle, below the head of the axe to carry the weight of the weapon more naturally.



The base has been made with a cut down pillar from a resin building kit by Unreal Wargaming Studio, some embosed flagstone plasticard, slate and sand.

The base has had holes drilled to pin the model in place.


Hvar’s head sculpt is superb, a grizzled veteran through and through, but missing a beard. I carefully cur one from a Varagyr torso and added it. The mohawk was also removed as i think it makes the mode scarier.


Heavy Bolter

Upon inspection it is evident that Hvarl’s heavy bolter is grossly oversized compared to its infantry counterparts, so rather than just moving the grip forward it is being replaced with a more appropriately sized one.

The smaller heavy bolter looks much more balanced. The rear of the bolter has been cut down to further enhance the model and using plasticard a brace has been added to the inside of the arm and weapon to show how it secures to the terminator armour, in a similar way to other terminator heavy weapons.

Hvarl loose on his base to check the balance of the weapon and composition of the model.

Wolf Pelt 

The wolf pelt on Hvarl’s right shoulder pauldron looks strange, only covering the pauldron its self and not overhanging more of the model. The cloak has been fixed in place and a larger pelt sculpted over the armour.

With the pelt in place, the grenade harness has been added completing the torso armour.

Next up is the axe, which is going to take some planning.

Until Next Winter…

Thegn Scarsgard Greymane, Claw Leader, Sesc Company

Scarsgard Greymane is a formidable warrior and war-leader of the the Rout. Serving Jarl Skunnr Greymane has developed a reputation for swift and decisive action, a quite warrior who’s actions speak louder than any battle cry. Reputed as a grizzled hunter and assault leader, Greymane’s true calling is as duelist, seeking out a worthy foe and testing his mettle. It is this latter quality that lead to Greymane honing his skills and rising to be crowned Sesc Company’s Champion.

As one of Sesc Company’s claw leaders, Greymane leads a detachment of warriors, a warband of wolves. Greymane’s claw specialise in rapid assault, known amongst the Rout as Storm Claws these warriors are equipped with Jump Packs, Bikes and Landspeeders.

As a champion of Sesc Company, Scarsgard Greymane has the honour of wearing Artificered Armour, and wields a mighty executioners axe of incredible potential, a paragon blade by any standard. His armour is adorned with knot work designs that tell the saga of his thread, the crossed arrows on his jump pack denote him as a storm claw, the Gyre Triskel on his left pauldron tells of survival against dire odds.

Until Next Winter…

Huscarls of the Wolf King. Legion Veterans.

Russ’s huscarls are the sixth legion veterans, warriors of true grit and mettle tested in the crucible of war. They are the Legion’s finest warriors and champions, making up the Varagyr or Wolf Guard.

Lead by the indomitable Brodr Halfdan, these legion veterans have proven their worth time and time again, escorting their King into battle as is their role and honour. Answering only to the Primarch, they stand apart from the Great Company’s hierarchy, for they are Russ’ sworn huscarls and wolf guard.

Until Next Winter…