10,000 Points!!

While the army development has been almost exclusively honed around the narrative of the overall force, building claws and unit configurations to represent an interpretation of the lore and background, the opportuinity to celebrate 10,000 points was too good an oportunity to pass up.


10,000 Points Force Disposition:


Russ’ Household

Leman Russ, Freki & Geri

Grimnir Bloodblack’s Pack [10 Legion Veterans] + Spartan Assault Tank


Onn Company

Jarl Gunnar Gunnhilt + 2 Fenrisian Wolves

Legion Centurion: Champion Consul + Fenrisian Wolf

Priest of Fenris; Speaker of the Dead

Priest of Fenris; Caster of Runes

Varagyr Pack [6] + Spartan Assault Tank

Varagyr Pack [6] + Spartan Assault Tank


Sepp Company

Jarl Hvarl Red-Blade

Legion Centurion; Herald Consul + Fenrisian Wolf

Legion Terminator Pack [7]

Legion Mortificator + Legion ‘Castraferrum’ Pattern Dreadnoughts [2]

Mastodon Super Heavy Siege Tank

Thegn Skeldsson ‘the Fell-Hand’ (count’s as Giegor)

Grey Slayer Pack [15] + Apothecary

Grey Slayer Pack [15] + Apothecary

Grey Slayer Pack [15] + Apothecary

Legion Centurion; Champion Consul (jump pack)

Storm Claw Pack [15 | Assault Marines] + Apothecary

Proteus Pattern Landspeeder Squadron [3]

Legion Centurion; Moritat Consul (jump pack)

Legion Destroyer Squad [10]

Legion Support Squad [5]; Flamers

MkIIb ‘Achilles-Alpha’ Pattern Land Raider

Legion Centurion; Warmonger Consul

Legion Seeker Pack [5]

Legion ‘Castraferrum’ Pattern Dreadnought

Legion ‘Contemptor’ Pattern Dreadnought

Legion Centurion; Praevian Consul + Vorax Battle Automata [3]

Priest of Fenris; Speaker of the Dead

Deathsworn Pack [9]

MkIIb ‘Phobos’ Pattern Land Raider

Legion Centurion; Primus-Nullificator Consul

Legion Nullificator Pack [5]

Legion Storm Eagle Assault Gunship

Legion Fire Raptor Gunship

Legion Vindictor

Legion Whirlwind Scorpius

Legion Sabre Tank

Legion Sabre Tank


And that summarises all of the units included.

Until Next Winter…

Whirlwind Scorpius

The Scorpius was designed with a single purpose in mind; the destruction of armoured emplacements and heavy infantry. Developed at the behest of the Vlka Fenryka to aid in the campaign against the fortified-bastion cities of the xenos Ghassuliansub-realms. The scorpius variant replaces the Whirlwind’s multiple missile launcher system with the intricate drum-fed scorpius launcher, whose implosive warheads are devastating to armoured emplacements, armoured infantry and light vehicles alike.

Until Next Winter…

Whirlwind Scorpius WIP 01

After trawling the Legiones Astartes Age of Darkness Army List for fire support and long range options to compliment the Wolves i stumbled across this little narrative gem!


So that pretty much secured the choice of fire support! A slight oddity with the rules lead to the need for a conversion; the rules give the Scorpius a higher side armour value than the standard Rhino, but the model shares the same side panels. More armour plating was required to make the aesthetic match the rules.

In order to remove the side access doors, the hinges and step plate were cut off, a plasticard insert cut to size and added with the gaps filled. This was then all sanded down and primed.

The resultant tank looks more heavily protected from the side than the rhino, but not so much that it looks like ‘extra armour’. A couple of minor armour details were added for interest. 

Until Next Winter…