Terminator Priest of Fenris: Speaker of the Dead WIP 02

The Speaker of the Dead has been equipped with a Great Frost Blade.

The blade has been carefully built from a two handed heavy chain sword, the guard has been lengthened using parts from a second heavy chain sword, the hands, arms and the actual grip of the sword are from the Ltd Ed Praetor tribune, albeit shortened in length to suit the modified guard and the spacing of the hands. The arms have been trimmed at the shoulder to fit the modified torso and the Tartaros shoulder guards carefully filed back.

The arms have been topped with Cataphractii lower-pauldrons, the upper pouldron will sit over these. The arm joint has been filed in with sculpted fur in lieu of leather pteruges.

A volkite charger has been added to his belt, using a handle and chains from Geigor’s boltgun. This has been complimented with a wolf pelt claw, also from Geigor.

Until Next Winter…

Haltaf’s Hunters ‘Wolf Guard’

Forseti Haltaf is a dour warrior, an individual removed from sentiment and stern of purpose, it is joked among his pack and the wider legion, that he should have been born to Dorn’s 7th. None the less Haltaf is a fierce warrior and uncompromising in his duty, ever the grim executioner, befitting of his legion’s role.

The veteran’s of Haltaf’s pack are warriors of note, hunters and trackers, more often than not they operate away from the main body of a the Rout’s assaults, joining the bloodshed from an unseen quarter or running down those that would seek to flee.

The squad number seven veterans, armed with a mixture of combi-weapons (plasma & melta), power axes and a power fist.

Until Next Winter…

Lief Olafur’s Pack ‘Wolf Guard’

The mighty veterans of the rout have seen much blood shed as the great crusade crumbles and the age of darkness spreads across the galaxy in the wake of Horus’ betrayal, not lease against the witch-kin of the Thousand Sons and the traitorous Alpha Legion snakes! Olafur’s pack have added great deeds to their account but lost brothers to the red snow over several theaters of war.

The squad have been subtly altered after a few games, replacing the sergeant’s power axe with a power fist and reducing the squad size to 7 to allow for attaching characters and apothecaries.

Until Next Winter…

Tormund Andwend Flokisson, Rune Priest

Quiet and solitary, Tormund Andwend Fklokisson is everything one would expect of a spirit seer of the Vlka Fenryka. A Gothi of considerable skill Flokisson is known as the Wind Walker by his pack-brothers, a name afforded to him for his ability to cast his spirit out upon the world wind and visit far off places, places far from the Aett.


Flokisson keeps close to him a double headed eagle of meticulous design, a psi-construct of a time before old-night, the mighty Aquila is attuned to the Rune Priests senses, obeying his commands with thought alone.

Until Next Winter…

Legion Veterans WIP 06

The second five Veterans have been assembled, weapon choices to compliment the first five, making the 10 warrior strong squad an elite hunter unit, combi-plasma guns, power axes and a couple of combi-melta guns to deal with armour.

Torso’s have been carefully paired up with leg poses to make sure that there is no duplication of the first five veterans, already finished and painted. Wider posed arms and combat weapon wielding poses have been chosen again to minimise obscuring the torso details.

These should be fine additions to Olafur’s veteran pack.

Until Next Winter…