Terminator Priest of Fenris: Speaker of the Dead WIP 02

The Speaker of the Dead has been equipped with a Great Frost Blade.

The blade has been carefully built from a two handed heavy chain sword, the guard has been lengthened using parts from a second heavy chain sword, the hands, arms and the actual grip of the sword are from the Ltd Ed Praetor tribune, albeit shortened in length to suit the modified guard and the spacing of the hands. The arms have been trimmed at the shoulder to fit the modified torso and the Tartaros shoulder guards carefully filed back.

The arms have been topped with Cataphractii lower-pauldrons, the upper pouldron will sit over these. The arm joint has been filed in with sculpted fur in lieu of leather pteruges.

A volkite charger has been added to his belt, using a handle and chains from Geigor’s boltgun. This has been complimented with a wolf pelt claw, also from Geigor.

Until Next Winter…

Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators WIP 05

Progress continues on the Varagyr Terminators, aiming to have two squads operational within the not too distant future.

Built a second Thegn to lead the second squad, again armed with a Frost Axe and Frost Sword.

To keep some versatility within the squads, each will have a singular Cataphract wielding a Chain Fist and Frost Claw, bringing some anti-tank ability and the option for at initiative re-rolls.

Until Next Winter…

Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators WIP 04

Building in options, as well as increasing the Varagyr to a ten model squad, has produced the combination of Chain Fist and Frost Claw. The Frost claw is a standard Cataphractii lightning claw with the talons removed and replaced with those from Geigor’s claw to make them distinctive from other lightning claws.


The remaining four squad members should follow shortly.

Until Next Winter…

Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators WIP 03

Minus a little tidying up and some attention to joints with liquid Green-Stuff the first five Varagyr Terminators are complete.

2017-03-03 20.12.24.jpg

Like the former three, the latest two Varagyr to be finished have Frost Axes and Frost Swords, furs cover the leather pteruges and an assortment of totems and trinkets to adorn their armour.

The shoulder pads have been made using plain cataphractii shoulder pads, then details added, the legion wolves heads have been carefully cut from resin space wolf shoulder pads.

Until Next Winter…

Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators WIP 02

Progress continues on the Varagyr Terminators, with three (of the intended five model squad) nearing completion.

2017-02-28 20.04.21.jpg

The Thegn pack leader has shoulder pauldrons added, complete with a rune/text inscribed detail from the Forge World space wolves terminator upgrade set. The detail was carefully cut from resin components and glued into place.

Two Varagyr have been assembled with Frost Swords and Frost Axes, the spiked Justaerin shoulder pauldrons combined with the spiked legs really gives the models an inherent brutality. Subtle details have been cut from various plastic space wolves kits to adorn the belts where the eye of horus icons were removed.

Like the Thegn, greenstuff furs have been added to the underside of the pauldrons and the loin cloth of the terminators.

Until Next Winter…

Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators WIP 01

With little more than rumours on when and what the Forge World Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators will be a plan has been put together to create a squad of five until some official models are released.First up the Aesthetic… the Varagyr are fortunate enough to get a beautiful graphic in Inferno (Book VII from Forge World) showing their decorated cataphractii plate, draped wolf pelt and spiked shoulder pauldrons.

17015064_10154788064290865_1228480413_oThe spiked shoulder pauldrons have given the perfect excuse to purchase some Sons of Horus Justaerin Terminators to use as the basis for the squad, an idea that has been heavily stoked by the fantastic work of all the hobbyists in the 30k Space Wolves facebook group. The spiked Sons of Horus gear fits in nicely with the Deathsworn conversions from the Reaver kit too.

So the plan is to use the Justaerin legs, arms and shoulder pauldons with the plastic cataphractii torsos to keep the aesthetic more in line with the graphic (the Justaerin Torsos are too much of a divergence for the design intent).

Torso’s have been clipped out to better hold bare heads from the space wolves upgrade sprue. To better give the terminator squad character and help it stand out from Legion Terminator squads on the battlefield, all the models have been given bare heads.

The squad leader, a Varagyr Thegn (same rank as a centurion/claw leader) has been built around the Calth Terminator Character as a base. The model had been intended for a different use in the legion, but with some careful conversion work has been purposed with leading the Varagyr.


The original model’s head, arms, leather pteruges and left sub-shoulder pauldron have been removed and the cloak thinned as it was very broad. One arm war reposed to hold the raised Frost Axe and a resin cataphactii arm was added to hold the Frost Blade. Greenstuff fur was added with a pelt over the cloak to the model’s back. The warrior was also given hair and his beard filled out.

Design note: the legion building so far has only used chain-blade type weaponry for those with an increased in-game Strength characteristic, chain fists, frost blades, frost swords, etc… this aesthetic is being carried through as an easy visual indicator for WYSIWYG gaming.

Shoulder pauldrons will follow once the Justaerin kit arrives. The Thegn’s base has a dead marine on it, his armour rent open by chain weaponry, suitably telling for the model’s pose and character.

Until Next Winter…