the30kchannel – Wolves vs Thousand Sons Game 03

Please head on over to the30kchannel’s new website and see my wolves take the fight to the beautiful Thousand Sons by Dan Wheeler (@1kson on instagram) for the third installment of the Prospero campaign!

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the30kchannel: Inferno Campaign Game 02

Had the honour and absolute pleasure of filing a third full game with the30kchannel this weekend. This game formed the second of four campaign games from Book 7 Inferno (forge world) and saw 3000pts of the Vlka Fenryka face up against the Thousand Sons of Dan Wheeler (please go and look at his beautiful army on Instagram: @1kson).

Whilst a release date is yet to be confirmed please keep an eye on the30kchannel for this game and take a look at the other stunning games David Braines is presenting:

I would recommend subscribing to the member channel the30kchannelX if you are able to spare the cost of a good beer each month, as the additional content and exclusive videos are superb!

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the30kchannel – Inferno Book Review and 6th Legion vs 15th Legion Skirmishes

Had the absolute pleasure of visiting the30kchannel once again, filming a short look at Forge World’s Book VII Inferno and playing out some sample skirmishes to showcase some of the new legion rules and units.

This little video also acts as a prelude to playing through the whole Inferno Campaign with my friendly adversary Dan (@1kson on instagram) and his spectacular Thousand Sons army.

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the 30k channel – 6th Legion vs 15th Legion

Whilst kings of Crimson and Winter War bloody themselves in the shadows of the once mighty city of Tizca their sons fight in a broader theatre of war…

…Jarl Thorvardsson leads his warriors to secure intelligence on the whereabouts of those Thousand Sons not on their home world. Tracking this intelligence to an officer of the Legion believed to be guarding the Legion’s petrochem silos beyond Tizca’s boarders, the wolves look to leave nothing but scorched earth in pursuit of their objective.

Please go over the the30kchannel and check out the mighty battle between the Vlka Fenryka and the Thousand Sons:

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