Murgan Wulfricsson and ‘Morkai’s Blades’ Seeker Squad

Murgan Wulfricsson, known as the the Night-spear, is a pack leader of calculated ferocity and honed martial prowess. As the leader of the the murder-pack Morkai’s Blades, Wulfricsson leads his Seekers in pursuit of enemy commanders, officers and key savants who pose an ongoing threat to the All Father’s Imperium. They truely are slayers of kings.

Legion Seeker Squads were formed from those Legionaries who were chosen on pure merit as the best marksmen in their Legion. Comprised of a specialised force of Space Marines, it was the job of a Seeker Squad strike force to identify and take out an enemy’s command structure, its warlords, officers, priests, demagogues, whatever form their commanders took, and slay them with a well-placed bolt round while the chaos of battle raged around them. An irony for Rout is that the squads were first utilised by the Twentieth Legion, adopted by the Vlka Fenryka as a key strategy to overwhelm their enemy’s force.

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Legion Seeker Squad WIP 03

All eight seeker marines now assembled, power fist on the sergeant and three combi-meltas in the squad facilitate them bringing something a little different to the army as a whole.

The combi-meltas specifically bring something different as the grey slayer squads and veterans squads are primarily equipped with combi-plasma, the gaming reason to vary this is that the special ammunition the seekers possess has an option for AP2 not really making the combi-plasma upgrade viable.

A co-ordination error in the build process (beer and a film) lead to mismatch power pack components, with the over-cables misaligned. to remedy this the over-cables have been clipped off and the tops smoothed out with some liquid greenstuff.

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Legion Seeker Squad WIP 02

A little progress on the seeker squad has seen the first four warriors assembled, including the Pack’s sergeant with a power fist.

The heads are from a chaos marauder kit (kindly gifted to me by one of the fine gentlemen on the 30k Vlka Fenryka facebook page) and give a very norse feel to the marines.

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Legion Seeker Squad WIP 01

The need to take a HQ choice or every 1000pts of the Vlka Fenryka has presented a minor dilemma; they need a squad to travel with which in turn needs a transport (for me at least). As most squads come at a number which matches transport’s available capacity and Spartans aren’t always the option (or at least that’s what my opponents tell me), more smaller squads are required.

Already having two Legion Veteran Squads and Grey Slaters not really requiring the added firepower of Legion Support Squads, Legion Seekers feel like a fluffy alternative (and there is the added bonus of being a scoring unit, in a fast attack force organisation slot and being able to take a land raider as a dedicated transport).

So, the seeker squad is being planned out.

2017-07-24 10.09.22.jpg

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