Rhino Armoured Carrier: Tactical

Aside from ferocious warriors with boltgun and blade, the Rout employs a number of vehicles from battle tanks to transports to aid in the prosecution of the All-Father’s will. The most common of these is the ubiquitous Rhino Armoured Carrier, by far the most common place chasis in all the legions, and for good reason.

All Rhino’s have been fitted with pintle-mounted multi-meltas to provide much needed anti-armour support.

Until Next Winter…

Legion Rhino Armoured Carriers WIP 01

Four rhino armoured carriers assembled and ready for painting. All four have been given pintle-mounted multi-meltas to help combat the obscene amount of armour that graces the 30k theaters of war.

Three of the rhinos will be attached to the legion tactical squads, with the fourth attached to the veteran squad (making the most of the ‘outflank’ rule they confer).

Until Next Winter…