Forsetii Helfdane, ‘the Jarl’s conscious’, Varagyr Battle Leader

Helfdane is the Jarl’s closest confidant, an inducted champion of the Varagyr and a rout-brother of clear purpose. Known as a broker of honesty among the pack, on more than one occasion Helfdane’s counsel has stayed the Jarl’s temper and even at times, his axe.

Helfdane is one of the Vlka Fenryka’s Primaris-Astartes, a new bread of warrior created in the wake of a sundered Imperium. Guilliman’s crusade to reclaim the stars brings hope to mankind’s wavering future and the Wolves of Fenris take up their axes as the Imperium’s sanction once again.

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WIP Jarl, Primaris, Dark Imperium

The primaris captain in Gavis armour was used as a base, iconography and purity seals removed to give clean slate. The iron halo and hooded mantle was removed too, opening up the warriors head more.

The sword was removed at the hilt and the wulfen axe cut to fit either side in a high grip. The reliquary at his belt was carved away, as were the chains, adding in a space wolf belt and a combat blade for a more fenrisian aesthetic. A diamond was added to the chest to break up the armour’s plate.


Still a few jobs to do, sculpt some fur onto the top of his cloak and a little tidying up.

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WIP Primaris Marines, Dark Imperium

The new primaris space marines are fantastically well proportioned in comparison to their astartes brethren, bringing true-scale marines into 40k for all intents and purposes.

The primaris marines present a template for adaptation and conversion into some truly fantastic Rout warriors, the chest aquilas have been filed off and all purity seals removed to subtly change their aesthetic. A selection of space wolf bare heads have been employed, all with believable styling and practicality of wearing a helmet.


Small axes from the Dwarf Ironbreaker kit have been added to belt loops, emphasising the Fenrisian aesthetic without the need for extravagant wolf iconography or pelts. The squad sergeant holds an axe in a loose grip whilst barking orders.

The primaris lieutenant has been complimented with small pelt over one shoulder to signify rank, his bolt pistol has been removed and he brandishes an axe.


All bareheaded models have their helmet mag-locked to their hip.

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Forsaetid Radherja, Primaris, Dark Imperium

The Forsaetid Radherja, or as they are more commonly known: Primaris Space Marines, are those newly forged warriors that were assigned to the Vlka Fenryka to bolster their forces, integrated into the Rout and its ways to fight alongside the established wolf-brothers.

A peculiarity that sets the Vlka Fenryka’s Primaris Marines apart from others of their kind is that those would-be warriors who were selected for Cawl’s experimentations in that time so very long ago were, like their brothers, children of Fenris. Abducted from their birth world under the sanction of the Wolf-King at the behest of Lord Guilliman. Three raiding parties from the southern ice plane tribes settled in for another cold winter night and ceased to exist before the dawn, an act never committed to the sagas, and forgotten to the passing of time.

Those warriors taken from the ice world would not set foot upon Fenris for another ten millennia.

The literal translation of Forsaetid Radherja from the Fenrisian tongue into high-gothic is ‘Justian Seraphus’ or ‘Angel of Judgement’ in low gothic, but the phrase in Fenrisian mythology in fact has duel meanings. The first meaning, as the varying gothic translations reflect, is that the Forsaetid Radherja are the spiritual keepers of the Underverse, who’s role is to ensure that justice is served upon the souls of the dead at their time of passing, inflicting great tortures and providing protection in equal measure dependent upon a mortal’s actions in life. The second meaning is ‘Unjust Executioner’, a feared mantle placed upon a tribe member who takes justice into their own hands, to stray from the tribe’s laws and be given this title is damning and considered a poor omen.

The mantle was given to the newly inducted Primaries Astartes during the opening actions of their first major engagement. Such was the effectiveness of the Primaris Astartes, Jarl Grimnar likened the ferocity of the Imperium’s new super-soldiers to an angelic host serving justice upon souls found wanting.

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