Vlka Fenryka 6000pts

Time seems to have passed at a such a considerable rate since this project was begun in April of 2016, so much so that a ‘whole army’ picture has failed to happen. So having broken the 6000pts threshold (6081pts to be exact) the warriors of the Rout have been assembled!

2017-07-30 19.36.55.jpg

Personae Dramatis:

  • Leman Russ & Russ’ Wolf Kin
  • Praetor (Cataphractii)
  • Legion Command Squad (Cataphractii)
  • Speaker of the Dead (Cataphracii)
  • Hvarl Red-Blade
  • Centurion (Tartaros)
  • Legion Terminator Squad (Tartaros) & Spartan Assault Tank
  • Legion Terminator Squad (Tartaros) & Spartan Assault Tank
  • Rune Caster
  • Veteran Squad, Apothecary & Rhino
  • Centurion
  • Veteran Squad, Apothecary & Rhino
  • Speaker of the Dead
  • Deathsworn & MkIIb Land Raider Phobos
  • Contemptor Dreadnought Talon
  • Legion Dreadnought
  • Leviathan Siege Dreadnought
  • Grey Slayer Pack & Rhino
  • Grey Slayer Pack & Rhino
  • Grey Slayer Pack & Rhino
  • Predator Strike Tank
  • Sicaran Battle Tank

All of these units, their construction and their painting have been included within this project log, easily accessible from the Navigation section of the sidebar.

Until Next Winter…


MkIIa Proteus Pattern Raider Tank WIP 02

The achilles front plate and the plasticard trim have been smoothed in with some greenstuff and the hull mounted heavy bolter has been swapped out for a twin-linked lascannon. The lascannons were sourced from the sponsons of the Sicaran.

This land raider will be a dedicated transport for the seeker squad.

Until Next Winter…

MkIIa Proteus Pattern Raider Tank WIP 01

With several Spartan Assault Tanks the MkIIb Phobos Pattern Raiders are proving less than useful/favourable in army lists, as such i’m converting one up to be an Armoured Proteus.

Narrative justification is that this is an early variant of the MkII Raider Chassis, (MkIIa maybe), which doesn’t have the assault ramp, but retains the features of the MkI armoured proteus, albeit in a variant shell.

2017-07-24 09.07.33.jpg

The assault ramps was carefully clipped out and replaced with the armoured front plate of a Land Raider Achilles (fortunately left over from another conversion). The slight gap between the Achilles front plate and the MkIIb top plate and gun mount was covered with some plasticard, added to with rivets and the extended hinge sections of the old assault ramp.

2017-07-24 19.59.07.jpg

The heavy bolters were then removed and replaced with an additional twin-linked lascannon making this tank’s output quite considerable. The lascannons are taken from the sponsons of another Forge World Astartes tank and simply glued into place.

A little green stuff work to fill panel gaps and smooth over a couple of details is required prior to painting.

Until Next Winter…

Armoured Support WIP 01

Decided to up the armoured transport count, two Spartans and a Land Raider to bolster the rout’s formidable advance.

2017-06-07 21.21.19.jpg

Note: one of these is a actually a much required re-paint of the spartan already pictured earlier in the project log.

Until Next Winter…