Mastodon Super Heavy Assault Transport

The Mastodon is one of the heaviest assault transports in the arsenal of the Legiones Astartes, seeing much action the Great Crusade, and into the years of the great heresy. Its cavernous assault bay, capable of housing almost half a Company, is protected both by thick layers of ceramite armour as well as crackling void shields. It also mounts a fearsome siege melta array, allowing it to breach even the most formidable defences with ease, as well as an array of secondary weaponry intended to defend the vehicle as it approaches its target. Unleashed by the Legiones against only the most fearsome of enemy redoubts, there are few obstacles that can halt the advance of the Mastodon.

Heavily armed and armoured, the Mastodon typically carries 40 power armoured marines, half that number of terminators and even Dreadnoughts dependent on the mission perimeters. Whilst embarked, the warriors within will defend their immense transport, turning the sponson weapons on any enemy brave or foolish enough to come close. It’s Siege melta array can easily destroy fortifications, and makes short work of armoured vehicles, whilst its Skyreaper Battery will tear through any airborne threat with ease. It is for this reason that the Jarls of the Vlka Fenryka favour this mighty instrument of war, delivering the All-Father’s executioners into the heart of the enemy.

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Mastodon Super-Heavy Assault Transport WIP 03

Further momentum on the Wolves has seen progress continue on the mighty Mastodon.

The internals largely complete, trying to echo the beautiful descriptions of light timbers and ivory onboard the Rout’s warships, without actually having those materials.

The external colour pallet has been worked out, with black lower track armour to reflect the Sicaran previously painted and the red stripe to match in with the Spartans and Land Raiders.

Still a long way to go, but worth the effort!

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Mastodon Super-Heavy Assault Transport WIP 01

A twist or fate, crossing palms with silver and making innocent pacts with the Warmaster’s forces has seen the Vlka Fenryka’s assault fire power increase. This Mastodon has seen war before, in the colours of the Sons of Horus, please do check out @fortunatesonofhorus on instagram.

The super-heavy warmachine has had its iconography removed, imperfections sanded, panels re-aligned and has been primed ready for its new lease of life.

The latter picture above shows the disassembled Mastodon, still in its Sons of Horus livery prior to work.

Forge World’s Book VII Inferno contains some beautiful photography/artwork of the Mastodon in action on Prospero.

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