Proteus Land Speeder WIP

In order to increase the effectiveness of the squadron, a third land speeder is being added, armed once again with a Multi-melta and 2 Hunter Killer Missiles.

Like the previous two land speeders the crew are being concerted from MkIII Marines in order to wear that armour mark. The completed conversions are below, awaiting greenstuff work.


In order re-pose the legs, they were cut into the component pieces and glued in place using the land speeder (protected with masking tape) as a guide.

Added in the green stuff flexi joints.

Until Next Winter…



Proteus Landspeeder Squadron

The mainstay of most Space Marine Legion armouries, Land Speeders are high-speed reconnaissance and rapid attack skimmers that utilise anti-gravitic technology to achieve extraordinary battlefield mobility and speed. It is this speed that makes lends them favour in the Rout. As lightly armoured two-man craft, they require the kind of skill and reflexes to operate at peak performance that only a member of the Astartes can bring to bear, and rely more on their extreme maneuverability and speed for survival than durability. Land Speeder squadrons provide the Rout with a flexible core of rapidly deployable firepower and make for highly able tank hunters and close air support units. As a result, mixed formations of Land Speeders are often called upon to operate as a rapid reaction force, held in reserve to quickly intercept enemy counter-attacks and encircle the enemy to eliminate emerging threats.

Until Next Winter…

Land Speeder (Proteus Pattern) WIP 01

Absolutely love the Proteus Pattern Land Speeder, the brutal styling fitting the aggressive aesthetic that’s been crafted around the Vlka Fenryka, so couldn’t resist getting a pair. Of course it helps that they provide some outflanking fire power to support the main force’s advance.

With the Vlka Fenryka force created to date all being in MkIII Iron Armour, it was clear that the MkIV crew would need replacing with MkIII crew…

Taking legs from the plastic MkIII Iron Armour marines, these were carefully reposed; cut at the ankle, below and above the knee and at the hip. The joints were then filled in with greenstuff, including sculpting in new soft armour joints.

The land speeders were than armed with Multi-Meltas and pairs of Hunter Killer Missiles.


Until Next Winter…