‘Best Loyalist Army’ – Legion of Peterborough

In June of last year the Legion of Peterborough held a fantastic Heresy event, ‘Blood & Steel: The Battle of Laernan Prime’ which consisted of a number of small centurion based games.

It was humbling and pleasing to get the peer vote from my fellow hobbyists for the ‘Best Loyalist Army’


(re-sculpting all that Varagyr fur was clearly worth the effort)

Until Next Winter…

Welcome to the hearthside of the Upplander.

Taking inspiration from the written descriptions across the horus heresy novels and in particular the artwork from Dan Abnet’s Prospero Burns work will commence in earnest to create warriors of the rout.


First up will be a Cataphractii pattern terminator armour clad Jarl, who will serve as centurion or praetor initially.

Until Next Winter…