Thegn Thunar ‘the marked’ |Legion Moritat

Thegn Thunar ‘the marked’ | Legion Moritat
Claw leader of the Destroyer cadre, Wight Flame’s Wielders of Hvarl Redblade

Thunar is a wolf of singular character, contemptible, antagonistic and of an attitude that fosters the dislike of almost all who meet him. He is however, a pure killer, a destroyer of men and utterly ruthless in his prosecution of war. It is for these qualities that Hvarl Redblade raised him to Claw Leader, harnessing his ability for annihilation.

The rad munitions employed by the destroyer cadres is of such potency that it is as much a hazard to the wielder as the victim of their contemptible wrath, their distasteful trade ever visible on their armour as decay and despoilment.

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WIP Legion Moritat

Keen to add a further HQ choice to the Legion progress moved on to the Moritat, not only would this gun slinging killer be a perfect pairing with the recently completed Destroyers, but became a vehicle for exploring the lore of the Legion, Sepp Company and their use of Destroyer elements.

For me, within the Legion the moritat and destroyers represent the wolves hatred and disgust toward an enemy, they are a weapon dishonour, deployed to make war in their underhand way, which is far from the honest of a duel of blades. The moritat is epitome of the destroyer’s way of war. For a warrior of the rout to serve in the role of moritat, they require qualities of a more unsavoury nature, they are willing to do what ever needs to be done, what ever is required to win, not matter how far it strays from their morality and codes of war, for this they are shunned and isolated within the Legion, becoming near pariahs among their brethren, but recognised as a necessary evil.

The aesthetic of the Moritat model had to be complimentary to the Destroyers; bonding stud reinforcement and additional armour plating that showed patch and repair, fortunately the model available is exactly that as stock. In order to fit the collection the model needed to go further, it needed to provide visual link between the Deathsworn and the Destroyers, an intermediate aesthetic step between the two forces, with the intent of tying the Deathsworn into the legion as a whole. To achieve this a deathsworn helmet provided the familiar death mask, an honourific and symbolic item among the Vlka Fenryka worn by those who seek death in battle, but also by those with a dark purpose.

A wolf tail talisman was added to the belt and the left armour lowered to give a more natural and predatory pose to the model.

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Speaker of the Dead, Priest of Fenris

Thorvard ‘the Dread’
Speaker of the Dead, Priest of Fenris attached to Onn Company under Jarl Gunnar Gunnhilt.

Wise beyond his years, which by Astartes standards are many, Thorvard’s standing within the Legion is beyond question. One of the most venerated of the Rout’s Priest he not only serves within Onn Company but on the Wolf King’s Einherja.

Thorvard walks to war armoured in Cataphractii pattern tactical dreadnought armour and armed with a Frost Claw and combi-bolter. As one of the Legion’s Priests and an inductee of the Cult of Morkai he is privileged with more exotic wargear; Garm-Blood Vials and Healing Balms.

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WIP Speaker of the Dead

To sate the ever-hungering need for HQs in writing Vlka Fenryka army lists, work progressed in earnest on a Cataphractii clad Speaker of the Dead.


Choosing a Varagyr Terminator as the base model, it was critical to ensure that the visual language of the model was subtly altered to represent the Priest, and not just look like a black Varagry terminator. Small wolf skull iconography was added to the grieves and in the form of a tilt shield on front of the right pauldron. One of the arms was clipped back to allow the addition of a Frost Claw.

The most dramatic addition (other than re-sculpting the fur) to the model is the large beast skull to the left pauldron, selected for a couple of reasons; to add a sense of beastial savagery to the model and to build on the idea that the wolves take Fenris with them into battle (the skull matches those on the Vorax conversions).

The resultant model shares several aesthetic cues with the Artificer clad Priest already in the army and is suitably distinct from the Varagyr Terminators, the latter will be even more pronounced when paint is applied.

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Einar ‘the thrice slain’ Sepp Company Herald

Einherjar to Hvarl Redblade and leader of the Jarl’s Wolf Guard, Einar is a warrior of kindred spirit to his Lord. Where some Jarl’s pick advisers to counter them and provide  contrast in their counsel, Redblade chose Einar for his ferocity and blood thirsty nature that echos his own.

Einar’s deed-name as earned during the Wheel of Fire, where he was believed dead and lost three times and yet returned. The first, defeated in combat by a mighty Greenskin and left for dead, only to be found breathing when his body was recovered by the flesh-makers. The second, his stormbird shot down and lost with all hands, but later accounted for in the thick of the fighting on the planet’s surface. The third, crushed below the foot of an Ork war machine in final days of the war, surviving his injuries and recovering over several years of the Priest’s administrations.

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WIP Priest of Iron [Legion Mortificator]

With the release of Book 8: Malevolence and the new consul types for all legions the opportunity to create a Mortificator to add to the Priests of Iron was too good to pass up.

Using the Iron Father model as a base, the crenelated shin, greaves and vambrace armour was filled and studs added to resemble more standardised Cataphractii trim. A cataphractii arch was added over the head recess and the voids filled. The pauldrons were replaced with the standard cataphractii type.

The Corposant Stave was mostly crated with an axe handle from Sevrin Loth’s bodyguard, the coil and tech from Asterion Moloc’s spear and cable from a terminator power axe. the Stave head was created from a Vorax Rad Cleanser, drilled out to be hollow.

To accompany the Mortificator the opportunity was seized to bring some mid-level fire power to the Rout, choosing to have Castraferrum Dreadnoughts with twin-linked autocannons. The Autocannons were created from Contemptor autocannons, cut and re-paired to suit the dreadnought. The targeting arrays from a Deredeo were added to space the cannons and add more detail.

WIP pair of Castraferrum with the Mortificator


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Hvarl Redblade, Jarl of the 4th Great Company, Headsman of Koltoc

Commander of the Fourth Great Company of the Rout, Hvarl Red-Blade has a reputation as a dourly humorous and often choleric-tempered warrior, whose greatest joy was to be found in the din of war and whose battle-cunning was something of a legend. Master of his Great Company for more than five decades at the time of the Razing of Prospero, he was a veteran warlord as renowned for his scourging tactics as he was for encouraging the taking of heads from the enemy fallen as a form of competition among his warriors. Though considered volatile and perhaps a little insane by his fellow Jarls and Thegns, Hvarl’s often striking insights into a foe’s plans and motivations made his voice one that was still well-respected in Russ’ Einherjar, while in battle his sharp-witted savagery was counted on by his Primarch to leave nothing alive in his Great Company’s wake.

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