WIP Flesh Makers [Legion Apothecaries]

A key mechanism of my army of Vlka Fenryka on the tabletop is their speed, this couldn’t be more true than with the Grey Slayer Packs. As such i do not attach any characters to my packs except Geigor Fell-Hand who can also move, run and charge. The recent Errant and FAQ published by Forge World has changed everything! Apothecaries now gain Warrior’s Mettle with the Pack they are attached to.

Acquiring the Narthecium Gauntlet from the Grey Knight Terminators made for an straight forward conversion, chopping it back suitably to fit MkIII power armour

Three flesh-makers to accompany the Grey Slayer Packs. All armed with Power Swords to add some extra punch to the units they accompany. Decided to use the Deathsword pauldrons with the Cult of Morkai symbol on them to tie the Speaker of the Dead, the Apothecaries and the Black Cull together.

While creating these unit support units, a fourth was built, in MkIV plate and with jump pack to accompany the recently finished assault squad. Again armed with power sword.

The Cult of Morkai symbol was carefully cut from the Deathsworn Pauldron for use on the MkIV armour.

Until Next Winter…


Storm Claws (Legion Assault Marines)

While the majority of the Rout is comprised of front-line infantry, formed into packs of Grey Slayers, younger warriors with a predilection towards speed are often referred to as Storm Claws and banded into packs to serve in such a role. Storm Claws take to field by jump-pack, on bikes and jet-bikes, the pilot land speeders and bring support to the front line infantry.

While less common among the Rout than the stalwart MkIII Iron Armour, MkIV Maximus Pattern power armour is still used in considerable numbers, its more advanced systems and lighter configuration preferred by reconnaissance and fast attack packs. MkIV armour was provided to the Legion en-mass prior to the Sanction of Prospero, shipments to the 6th Legion prioritised by order of the Warmaster (then believed to be loyal), to ensure Russ’ warriors were as well equipped as possible for their prosecution of the Thousand Sons.

Until Next Winter…

Legion Assault Marines WIP 01

Legion Assault Marines, whilst not an amazing unit are, in my opinion, a must for the Vlka Fenryka, for several reasons;

  1. More dedicated close combat infantry
  2. The Rite of War; Bloodied Claw give them Furious Charge
  3. Independent Characters (with Jump Packs) can be allied to them.

The latter reason really was the decider for me, not wanting to slow down the Grey Slayers with an attached Character, means this another way of protecting a character in the army list.

Decided on pack of fifteen marines, arming the Huscarl with a Power Fist and three of the marines with Power Axes:

In an effort to make the marines fit the established aesthetic so carefully crafted among the rest of the legion units, particularly the Grey Slayers, totems, talismans, furs and trophies have been added to the models.

Until Next Winter…

Legion Champion Consul WIP

Developing a new consul to lead the Rout, a Thegn or Claw Leader to lead a detachment under the Jarl. With the first Claw complete (3x Packs of 15 Grey Slayers), this will form the start of the second claw, a fast attack and assault orientated detachment. This thegn will be equipped with an Jump Pack, keeping him fast and at pace with the troops.

Proposed wargear and selection:

  • Legion Champion Consul
  • Artificer Armour
  • Paragon Blade
  • Jump Pack
  • Refractor Field

To forge this champion, i have selected to use the Geigor model as a base, mostly as its ornate and detail totems lend to representing Artificer Armour. In order to adapt it to the correct and established aesthetic for Astartes with Jump Packs, the torso armour has been over-clad with additional plating (to match the MkIV Assault Marines).

The over armour was adorned with a wolf tooth/totem necklace from the Primaris Upgrade sprue.

The plan for the paragon blade is to use a combination of weapons to represent it, rather than a single prestigious blade. Taking reference from vikings in filmography, a long knife and axe will be the matched pair of weapons to represent the Paragon Blade, this will be complimented with a holstered bolt-pistol.

The blade was made from the hand and haft of a MkIII Thunder Hammer, clipped below the head. The Blade is from the Traitor Cataphractii Librarian, the serrated blade and patterning complimenting the Wolves’ aesthetic. The arm was built from a second set of Geigor’s arms, the left arm cut off below the elbow to remove the frost claw, and replaced with a carefully trimmed vambrace from Geigor’s right arm. This keeps continuity in the armour’s detailing, matching the two vambraces with the rest of the armour.

Until Next Winter…