Fire Raptor ‘Valkarid’s Shadow’, 6th Legion

Valkarid’s Shadow, as translated into low gothic, is a Fire Raptor Gunship of the Sixth Legion and has seen war with the Rout on many worlds. In fenrisian mythology the Valkarid are daemon-like beings that stalk the battlefields and take those found wanting to the underverse, doomed to a eternity of suffering.

The Fire Raptor Gunship is a specialised variant of the Storm Eagle known to have its origins in the Imperium’s dim and distant past. The vehicle is configured to maximise ammunition stowage in order to feed the voracious appetite of its numerous weapons and this is achieved by sacrificing the Storm Eagle’s transport capacity.

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Legion Fire Raptor Gunship WIP 02

The base for the Fire Raptor has been progressed, with some warhammer movement tiles added to tie in with the terrain board and a marine casualty from Ferrus Manus’ scenic base.

A slot has been cut for the flying stand and filled, temporarily with blue tack, for priming. This stops paint getting where the glued connection of the clear flying stand will be.

Until Next Winter…