Thegn Thunar ‘the marked’ |Legion Moritat

Thegn Thunar ‘the marked’ | Legion Moritat
Claw leader of the Destroyer cadre, Wight Flame’s Wielders of Hvarl Redblade

Thunar is a wolf of singular character, contemptible, antagonistic and of an attitude that fosters the dislike of almost all who meet him. He is however, a pure killer, a destroyer of men and utterly ruthless in his prosecution of war. It is for these qualities that Hvarl Redblade raised him to Claw Leader, harnessing his ability for annihilation.

The rad munitions employed by the destroyer cadres is of such potency that it is as much a hazard to the wielder as the victim of their contemptible wrath, their distasteful trade ever visible on their armour as decay and despoilment.

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WIP Legion Moritat

Keen to add a further HQ choice to the Legion progress moved on to the Moritat, not only would this gun slinging killer be a perfect pairing with the recently completed Destroyers, but became a vehicle for exploring the lore of the Legion, Sepp Company and their use of Destroyer elements.

For me, within the Legion the moritat and destroyers represent the wolves hatred and disgust toward an enemy, they are a weapon dishonour, deployed to make war in their underhand way, which is far from the honest of a duel of blades. The moritat is epitome of the destroyer’s way of war. For a warrior of the rout to serve in the role of moritat, they require qualities of a more unsavoury nature, they are willing to do what ever needs to be done, what ever is required to win, not matter how far it strays from their morality and codes of war, for this they are shunned and isolated within the Legion, becoming near pariahs among their brethren, but recognised as a necessary evil.

The aesthetic of the Moritat model had to be complimentary to the Destroyers; bonding stud reinforcement and additional armour plating that showed patch and repair, fortunately the model available is exactly that as stock. In order to fit the collection the model needed to go further, it needed to provide visual link between the Deathsworn and the Destroyers, an intermediate aesthetic step between the two forces, with the intent of tying the Deathsworn into the legion as a whole. To achieve this a deathsworn helmet provided the familiar death mask, an honourific and symbolic item among the Vlka Fenryka worn by those who seek death in battle, but also by those with a dark purpose.

A wolf tail talisman was added to the belt and the left armour lowered to give a more natural and predatory pose to the model.

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Garmr’s Pack, Legion Destroyers

Held in contempt by their brethren, even among a legion known for their limitless capability for destruction. The destroyers of the Vlka Fenryka are Russ’ antipathy for his enemy, his utter disregard for the rules of war and lack of respect for his foe.

No longer warriors of saga and legend, but not earning of the honourable death granted to the Deathsworn, the 6th Legion’s destroyers are a treacherous blade, a fate worse than honour allows. It is in this distasteful crucible of dishonour that Hvarl’s company, the Wight Flame’s Welders, ply their forsaken trade.

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WIP Destroyer Squad

Running the Sixth Legion primarily as a detachment of Sepp Company, The Wight Flame’s Wielders under Jarl Hvarl Red-Blade, who are known for their immolation tactics and destroyer cadre it was only right to add a squad of these ruthless killers.

Decided on MkV ‘heresy’ pattern power armour for the squad, for a couple of reasons; firstly that the armour has a more jury-rigged appearance and is very much the austerity pattern of power armour. A pattern of manufacture that is of lower technical complexity and thus easier to maintain, which fits the role of destroyers well as they deal in dangerous and unstable radiation weapons. Secondly i wanted the squad to looks grittier and more sinister than the MkIV and MkIII clad brethren in the assault and grey slayer packs respectively. MkII would have been a good option, but MkV was the preference.

Using MkIV legion pauldrons, the trim was carefully removed to match the MkV armour style, rivets were added to these to strengthen the aesthetic. Texture to represent rad and chemical damage was created using texture paints. This was painted over primer prior to base coating.

Hand flamers were converted to the older style using the barrels from plastic flamers. This was purely an aesthetic preference that kept them in a matching style to the combi-flamers on the terminators and the flamer support squad.

Flamers were perhaps not the best tactical choice, even with Toxiferran upgrades, but they suit the ‘immolation’ narrative of Sepp company perfectly.

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Whirlwind Scorpius WIP 01

After trawling the Legiones Astartes Age of Darkness Army List for fire support and long range options to compliment the Wolves i stumbled across this little narrative gem!


So that pretty much secured the choice of fire support! A slight oddity with the rules lead to the need for a conversion; the rules give the Scorpius a higher side armour value than the standard Rhino, but the model shares the same side panels. More armour plating was required to make the aesthetic match the rules.

In order to remove the side access doors, the hinges and step plate were cut off, a plasticard insert cut to size and added with the gaps filled. This was then all sanded down and primed.

The resultant tank looks more heavily protected from the side than the rhino, but not so much that it looks like ‘extra armour’. A couple of minor armour details were added for interest. 

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Land Speeder Squadron

The mainstay of most Space Marine Legion armouries, Land Speeders are high-speed reconnaissance and rapid attack skimmers that utilise anti-gravitic technology to achieve extraordinary battlefield mobility and speed. It is this speed that makes lends them favour in the Rout. As lightly armoured two-man craft, they require the kind of skill and reflexes to operate at peak performance that only a member of the Astartes can bring to bear, and rely more on their extreme maneuverability and speed for survival than durability. Land Speeder squadrons provide the Rout with a flexible core of rapidly deployable firepower and make for highly able tank hunters and close air support units. As a result, mixed formations of Land Speeders are often called upon to operate as a rapid reaction force, held in reserve to quickly intercept enemy counter-attacks and encircle the enemy to eliminate emerging threats.

(completed painting the third proteus land speeder for the squadron)

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MkIIb Achilles Pattern Raider Battle Tank

Created at the behest of the 7th Legion to combat a one of the many xeno pocket empires standing in the way of compliance, the Achilles Pattern Raider Battle Tank is a potent weapon of war. The enhanced chassis and increased armour affords greater protection and survivability within the theatre of war, while it’s fearsome armourments can lay waste to structure and infantry with equal efficiency.

It is for its shear destructive capabilities that it is favoured by the Jarl of the Sepp Company, whose saga is epitomised by immolation and the raising of the very earth upon which the enemy stands.

Attached to a support claw in Sepp Company under the command of Hvarl Red-Blade, the Tank embodies its brutal purpose, devoid of livery and embellishments, its naught but a weapon of war.

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