Runewatchers (Nullificator Squad)

Within the war-host of the Vlka Fenryka there are those warriors who stand apart, inductees of the Fenrisian cults, priests in training and in more rare cases fated individuals who’s wyrd has set them upon a differing path to that of their battle brothers. It is common for these individuals, as a rare as they are, to be adopted into the services of the Priests of Fenris. It was within the ranks of these unofficial appointments and divergent elements of the Rout that the formation of the Nullificators stemmed, specifically among the Rune Watchers who served as guards and adjutants to the Rune Casters, clad in bone white armour and daubed in runic inscriptions and talismans. As the daemonic threats grew and the Gothi turned their attention to combating the nether-born menace, these warriors took to the field alongside their masters, their ranks bolstered with other inductees chosen by the Priests. Trappings of protection adorned these warriors in the form of inscribed runic designs, bone talismans and charms of precious stones and metals. It was the power embodied in these Hexagrammatic wards that although pagan in appearance, gave them the protection they needed to face the maleficarum head on. While few of these valiant warriors would survive, the wisdom bought with their lives armed their successors all the better and by the final years of the Horus Heresy, the newly codified Nullificators had become a highly disciplined arm of the Legions, the Rune Watchers of the Sixth Legion being counted among their numbers.

The colour scheme for this unit was derived from a fantastic piece of lore in the book Wolf King, were the Rune Priest Kva is protected by a bodyguard of two warriors clad in bone-white armour etched with runes. Nullificators were the perfect opportunity to bring this concept to the table.

Extracts from Wolf King, by Chris Wraight;

‘The first two down the ramp were warriors in bone-white Mark II Legion armour, the overlapping plates covered in black-inked runes. They bore images of Morkai on their breastplates and carried long-handled, single-bladed axes the length of force halberds.’

‘One of the Runewatchers raised his axe, ready to bring it down across the warrior’s neck.’

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Gothi (Primus-Nullificators)

With the increase in uncontrollable occurrences of Daemonic incursion across the galaxy, and the unimaginable threat they posed, the Jarls of the Rout turned to their Rune Casters for solutions. The Rune Priests employed their wisdom of arcane and superstitious means to counter the little-understood threat. So, it came to pass that the Gothi of the Vlka Fenryka focussed their attentions on the combat of maleficarum in all its abhorrent forms, delving more deeply than they had previously dared into the wellsprings of their power in hope of salvation. But the Priests of Fenris stood not alone, for in other Legions, psychically gifted pioneers sanctioned research into esoteric artefacts and weapons, and openly sought prohibited lore in the hope that it would provide wisdom capable of combatting the galaxy’s intangible horrors.

These commanders, who would be later codified as first among the Nullificators, forged an example that would be adopted across all the loyal legions. Thus, the rank of Primus Nullificator was born, albeit terminology that would never be adopted by the Sixth Legion, making no visible distinction between their Rune Priests.

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Whirlwind Scorpius

The Scorpius was designed with a single purpose in mind; the destruction of armoured emplacements and heavy infantry. Developed at the behest of the Vlka Fenryka to aid in the campaign against the fortified-bastion cities of the xenos Ghassuliansub-realms. The scorpius variant replaces the Whirlwind’s multiple missile launcher system with the intricate drum-fed scorpius launcher, whose implosive warheads are devastating to armoured emplacements, armoured infantry and light vehicles alike.

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Flesh-smiths and Gene-weavers – 6th Legion Apothecarion Detachment

Among every legion of the Adeptus Astartes exist a core of warriors charged with the maintenance of of physical health and medical duties required for the combatant force to function. Within most legions this is known as the Apothecarion, as set out in the Principia Belicosa. Among the more divergent Legions there are variations upon this, but the core duties and role remains the same; genetically engineer and raise warriors from recruits, husband their development into functioning Astartes warriors and tend to their continued function until death takes them, upon which time their geneseed is to be harvested and the cycle begins again.

Among the Vlka Fenryka these individuals, who form the medical core of the Legion, are inductees of the Cult of Morkai. This cult within the Legion encompasses a great many differing disciplines of war, ritual and superstition, all linked to the Death Wolf, Morkai. These warriors go under a great many names within the legion; Gene-wights, flesh-makers, thread-menders and gene-smiths to name but a few. The majority of these are warriors and combatants alongside their medical role, accompanying the Legion into every theater of war.

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WIP Nullificator Squad

A dedicated unit to accompany the legion’s Rune Priests in to battle against the daemonic hordes. They stand apart from their warrior brethren, and will form a part of the mystic-heart of the Vlka Fenryka.

Keen to give them an identity, a wolf skull (the symbol most frequently associated with the cult of morkai) was added to the breast plate.

Developed around the standard core of plastic cataphractii, the mauls are from the forge world upgrade kit and work well as aether-shock mauls. The flamers were a little more challenging, based on a heavy flamer, with a barrel/nozzle removed an the lower half cut down, then enhanced with an additional tank (magazine from a combi-bolter) and some custom greenstuff cabling for a more rugged feel.

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WIP Primus-Nullificator

Essentially a Rune Priest of the Rout, the ‘Primus-Nullificator’ is a level one psyker, armed with cataphractii terminator plate and an aether-shock maul.

Built around the core of a Varagyr upper torso the model was developed to represent a priest, a battle psyker of the heresy’s middling years. The idea was to have a rougher feel to him than the Caster of Runes developed previously, more trinkets and a little more rogue, which i hope the model conveys.

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Thegn Thunar ‘the marked’ |Legion Moritat

Thegn Thunar ‘the marked’ | Legion Moritat
Claw leader of the Destroyer cadre, Wight Flame’s Wielders of Hvarl Redblade

Thunar is a wolf of singular character, contemptible, antagonistic and of an attitude that fosters the dislike of almost all who meet him. He is however, a pure killer, a destroyer of men and utterly ruthless in his prosecution of war. It is for these qualities that Hvarl Redblade raised him to Claw Leader, harnessing his ability for annihilation.

The rad munitions employed by the destroyer cadres is of such potency that it is as much a hazard to the wielder as the victim of their contemptible wrath, their distasteful trade ever visible on their armour as decay and despoilment.

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WIP Legion Moritat

Keen to add a further HQ choice to the Legion progress moved on to the Moritat, not only would this gun slinging killer be a perfect pairing with the recently completed Destroyers, but became a vehicle for exploring the lore of the Legion, Sepp Company and their use of Destroyer elements.

For me, within the Legion the moritat and destroyers represent the wolves hatred and disgust toward an enemy, they are a weapon dishonour, deployed to make war in their underhand way, which is far from the honest of a duel of blades. The moritat is epitome of the destroyer’s way of war. For a warrior of the rout to serve in the role of moritat, they require qualities of a more unsavoury nature, they are willing to do what ever needs to be done, what ever is required to win, not matter how far it strays from their morality and codes of war, for this they are shunned and isolated within the Legion, becoming near pariahs among their brethren, but recognised as a necessary evil.

The aesthetic of the Moritat model had to be complimentary to the Destroyers; bonding stud reinforcement and additional armour plating that showed patch and repair, fortunately the model available is exactly that as stock. In order to fit the collection the model needed to go further, it needed to provide visual link between the Deathsworn and the Destroyers, an intermediate aesthetic step between the two forces, with the intent of tying the Deathsworn into the legion as a whole. To achieve this a deathsworn helmet provided the familiar death mask, an honourific and symbolic item among the Vlka Fenryka worn by those who seek death in battle, but also by those with a dark purpose.

A wolf tail talisman was added to the belt and the left armour lowered to give a more natural and predatory pose to the model.

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