MkIIb Achilles Pattern Raider Battle Tank

Created at the behest of the 7th Legion to combat a one of the many xeno pocket empires standing in the way of compliance, the Achilles Pattern Raider Battle Tank is a potent weapon of war. The enhanced chassis and increased armour affords greater protection and survivability within the theatre of war, while it’s fearsome armourments can lay waste to structure and infantry with equal efficiency.

It is for its shear destructive capabilities that it is favoured by the Jarl of the Sepp Company, whose saga is epitomised by immolation and the raising of the very earth upon which the enemy stands.

Attached to a support claw in Sepp Company under the command of Hvarl Red-Blade, the Tank embodies its brutal purpose, devoid of livery and embellishments, its naught but a weapon of war.

Until Next Winter…

Spartan Assault Tank

The might of Vlka Fenryka comes to bear with a third Spartan completed. (for the previous two see here).

Like it’s sister pair, the Spartan has been finished in the weathered storm grey of the legion, with details in brass and gold befitting of the Rout’s elite.

Three assault tanks of the Vlka Fenryka, assigned to the Varagyr.


Until Next Winter…

Speaker of the Dead, Priest of Fenris

Thorvard ‘the Dread’
Speaker of the Dead, Priest of Fenris attached to Onn Company under Jarl Gunnar Gunnhilt.

Wise beyond his years, which by Astartes standards are many, Thorvard’s standing within the Legion is beyond question. One of the most venerated of the Rout’s Priest he not only serves within Onn Company but on the Wolf King’s Einherja.

Thorvard walks to war armoured in Cataphractii pattern tactical dreadnought armour and armed with a Frost Claw and combi-bolter. As one of the Legion’s Priests and an inductee of the Cult of Morkai he is privileged with more exotic wargear; Garm-Blood Vials and Healing Balms.

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