WIP Speaker of the Dead

To sate the ever-hungering need for HQs in writing Vlka Fenryka army lists, work progressed in earnest on a Cataphractii clad Speaker of the Dead.


Choosing a Varagyr Terminator as the base model, it was critical to ensure that the visual language of the model was subtly altered to represent the Priest, and not just look like a black Varagry terminator. Small wolf skull iconography was added to the grieves and in the form of a tilt shield on front of the right pauldron. One of the arms was clipped back to allow the addition of a Frost Claw.

The most dramatic addition (other than re-sculpting the fur) to the model is the large beast skull to the left pauldron, selected for a couple of reasons; to add a sense of beastial savagery to the model and to build on the idea that the wolves take Fenris with them into battle (the skull matches those on the Vorax conversions).

The resultant model shares several aesthetic cues with the Artificer clad Priest already in the army and is suitably distinct from the Varagyr Terminators, the latter will be even more pronounced when paint is applied.

Until Next Winter…


4 thoughts on “WIP Speaker of the Dead

  1. I didn’t know how much work had gone into this conversion. Great job!
    P.S. sorry for the comment bombardment, I’ve just rediscovered wordpress reader and found your blog again. You’re making lovely Space Wolves/Vlka Fenryka.


      • I think the last time I checked your blog you were doing a rhino or something at the time. I think I got a bit excited to see all the new stuff that I had missed. I’ll remember to check in more often in the future.

        The characters you are doing are fantastic. You’re doing great things with those 30k parts. The individual bits are good and you’re improving the models so much with the conversion work.

        Are you posting anywhere else btw? It feels like the best kept secret in 40/30k. Which would be a huge shame!


      • Instagram; @Upplander
        Facebook, check out the Vlka Fenryka group, Geno Five Two podcast group, Heralds of the Heresy Podcast group, Legion of Peterborough, also there’s games of mine on the 30k channel


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