Storm Claws (Legion Assault Marines)

While the majority of the Rout is comprised of front-line infantry, formed into packs of Grey Slayers, younger warriors with a predilection towards speed are often referred to as Storm Claws and banded into packs to serve in such a role. Storm Claws take to field by jump-pack, on bikes and jet-bikes, the pilot land speeders and bring support to the front line infantry.

While less common among the Rout than the stalwart MkIII Iron Armour, MkIV Maximus Pattern power armour is still used in considerable numbers, its more advanced systems and lighter configuration preferred by reconnaissance and fast attack packs. MkIV armour was provided to the Legion en-mass prior to the Sanction of Prospero, shipments to the 6th Legion prioritised by order of the Warmaster (then believed to be loyal), to ensure Russ’ warriors were as well equipped as possible for their prosecution of the Thousand Sons.

Until Next Winter…


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