Legion Assault Marines WIP 01

Legion Assault Marines, whilst not an amazing unit are, in my opinion, a must for the Vlka Fenryka, for several reasons;

  1. More dedicated close combat infantry
  2. The Rite of War; Bloodied Claw give them Furious Charge
  3. Independent Characters (with Jump Packs) can be allied to them.

The latter reason really was the decider for me, not wanting to slow down the Grey Slayers with an attached Character, means this another way of protecting a character in the army list.

Decided on pack of fifteen marines, arming the Huscarl with a Power Fist and three of the marines with Power Axes:

In an effort to make the marines fit the established aesthetic so carefully crafted among the rest of the legion units, particularly the Grey Slayers, totems, talismans, furs and trophies have been added to the models.

Until Next Winter…


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