Legion Assault Marines WIP 01

Legion Assault Marines, whilst not an amazing unit are, in my opinion, a must for the Vlka Fenryka, for several reasons;

  1. More dedicated close combat infantry
  2. The Rite of War; Bloodied Claw give them Furious Charge
  3. Independent Characters (with Jump Packs) can be allied to them.

The latter reason really was the decider for me, not wanting to slow down the Grey Slayers with an attached Character, means this another way of protecting a character in the army list.

Decided on pack of fifteen marines, arming the Huscarl with a Power Fist and three of the marines with Power Axes:

In an effort to make the marines fit the established aesthetic so carefully crafted among the rest of the legion units, particularly the Grey Slayers, totems, talismans, furs and trophies have been added to the models.

Until Next Winter…

MkIIb Phobos, Raider Pattern Battle Tank

The Raider pattern Battle Tank is among the most powerful transports commonly found in the Armouriums of the Legionnes Astartes. While there are several sub-classes of the Raider Tank, the Phobos is favoured by the warriors of the Vlka Fenryka for its transport capacity and frontal assault ramp. The MkIIb was widely distributed through the legions in the latter years of the Great Crusade, with its like finding even the exploratory fleets of the White Scars on the farthest frontiers.

The example pictured below is in the storm-grey of the Vlka Fenryka, serving the 6th Legion among many others of its kind.

Until Next Winter..

Priest of Fenris: Speaker of the Dead

Among the ranks of the Rout, there are many who are considered Priests of Fenris, all fulfilling different roles among the legion; spiritual guides, medical assistance, technological support, masters of armouries, smiths and armourers. None are more revered than the Speakers of the Dead, for it is they who select recruits for admission into the legion and they who administer to those brothers afflicted by the Curse of Morkai. The Speakers of the Dead are there at the beginning and for some, they are there at the end.

The Priest pictured above is armed with Aether-Rune Armour and a Great Frost Blade.

Until Next Winter…

Tartaros Command Squad WIP

Progress has continued on Hvarl’s command squad. The four veteran warriors complete and ready for painting.


The idea was to make each warrior unique, and subtly converted in the style of Hvarl Redblade, making them and him feel like a cohesive unit. While the main part of this was the armour conversions (covered in the last post on these models), the follow up was the axes.

The unique axe style are actually plasticard conversions, made as a gift by very talented friend and Forge World’s weapon-smith; Will Hayes (thanks again bud, they’re amazing!).


The axes really finish the models.

Until Next Winter…

Priest of Fenris: Speaker of the Dead WIP

This model represents a re-make of an older character with the Legion, a model i have converted before, but wanted to improve upon.

Where as before i used a plain MkIII body as a base, this time i have used one of the Deathsworn, their more ornate armour nicely fitting for Artificer or Aether Rune Armour. The masked head gives him a monastic and aggressive aesthetic. The Axe has been converted using the original crozius and chain blades from the Varagyr Terminators.

Until Next Winter…

Legion Praevian & Vorax WIP

Looking to explore the myriad forms of Fenrisian Priests, beyond that of Caster of Runes and Speaker of the Dead, attention has been turned to the Priests of Iron, of which several are planned. The first to find form is the Praevian, a master of automata:


This model used the Legion Praevian as a base, spliced with parts from the Grey Slayer Kit and a plastic MkIII leg (to match the mkIII bionic). The raven skulls are from the Games Workshop Skulls Box (such a good converting aid).

To accompany the Praevian, Vorax have been chosen, perhaps not as tactical as the Castellax option, but more beastial and befitting of the Wolves.

The idea behind these creations is that the Priests of Iron sacrifice a Fenrisian animal to give the machines animus, binding their souls to Fenris and awakening them firmly in the service of the Rout. The skull, fur and hide is then draped over the automata like a headdress.

Until Next Winter…

Deathsworn Pack, The Black Cull

Within the Vlka Fenryka, those warriors plagued by dreams of the Death Wolf begin to lose their sanity, the all-consuming impulse to kill and kill again grows within them. These warriors are selected by the Speakers of the Dead, inducted into the Cult of Morkai and become the Deathsworn. These warriors who give themselves over became the a cursed and honoured brethren; marked by their wolf-skull helms, they are the embodiment of the hunger of death in the heart of the Legion and walk to war to earn an honourable death.

The Deathsworn kit is fanastic, including a wealth of parts and options:


Until Next Winter…