Thegn Scarsgard Greymane, Claw Leader, Sesc Company

Scarsgard Greymane is a formidable warrior and war-leader of the the Rout. Serving Jarl Skunnr Greymane has developed a reputation for swift and decisive action, a quite warrior who’s actions speak louder than any battle cry. Reputed as a grizzled hunter and assault leader, Greymane’s true calling is as duelist, seeking out a worthy foe and testing his mettle. It is this latter quality that lead to Greymane honing his skills and rising to be crowned Sesc Company’s Champion.

As one of Sesc Company’s claw leaders, Greymane leads a detachment of warriors, a warband of wolves. Greymane’s claw specialise in rapid assault, known amongst the Rout as Storm Claws these warriors are equipped with Jump Packs, Bikes and Landspeeders.

As a champion of Sesc Company, Scarsgard Greymane has the honour of wearing Artificered Armour, and wields a mighty executioners axe of incredible potential, a paragon blade by any standard. His armour is adorned with knot work designs that tell the saga of his thread, the crossed arrows on his jump pack denote him as a storm claw, the Gyre Triskel on his left pauldron tells of survival against dire odds.

Until Next Winter…

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