Tormund Flokisson, ‘wind walker’, Priest of Fenris, Caster of Runes, Gothi.

Tormund Flokisson, a priest of Sesc Company and Einherjar to Jarl Skunnr. Known among his kindred as a spirit walker, well versed in the world of the wights he sends his thread out upon the winds of the world sphere and divines the tides of fate for the good of Sesc Company.

Not only are his arts of divination famed among the Rout, Flokisson is a potent battle psyker, channeling the under-verse to leech the life from his foes, bring strength and speed to his arms and curse those before him, their blades faltering and and will breaking.

2018-08-04 09.09.22.jpg

Until Next Winter…

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