Thegn Hakon Skeldsson, Claw Leader, Sesc Company

Thegn Hakon Skeldsson is a prominent warrior of Sesc company and true hunter, he is afforded the favour of Jarl Skunnr, leading a third of the great company’s pack’s to war.  As a chosen and respected warrior of the company, Skeldsson has the honour of wielding an artificer made gauntlet in battle, its blades have made a mockery of many xenos and Astartes foe.

Few within the rout can match Skeldsson’s ferocity in battle, a true leader he heads the charge, shoulders low and power in his stride. Whilst his battle prowess speaks for itself he is headstrong, tempered only by the wise and unrelenting leadership of Jarl Skunnr, a lord who knows how to keep his more brash warlords in check.

this character will be used as a ‘counts as’ for Geigor Fell-Hand, bringing his speed and unique weapon load out to the army, but still within the narrative arc of Sesc company.

Until Next Winter…

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