Jarl Skunnr, The White Wolf, The Bloodied Hunter. Lord of Sesc Company.

Jarl Skunnr, The White Wolf, The Bloodied Hunter. Lord of Sesc Company.

Known among Russ’ Einherja for his particularly direct manner, cutting to the heart of any debate or discussion like a spear through powdered snow. Skunnr is a great bear of an Astartes, rumoured to be one of the largest of their trans-human kind standing tall with Alexis Pollx of the Seventh Legion and Ezekiel Abaddon of the Sixteenth Legion. With this great size he carries a mountain of ferocity, suffering fools not at all his temper measures far shorter than that of his Great Frost Blade, it is said that Skunnr has killed warriors from his own Company in fits of rage, whether there is truth in this it is unclear, but upon questioned Skunnr simply looks on with a warriors’ predatory stare. It is said that Skunnr never forgets, grudges are held and blood debts paid without fail. It is perhaps because of this reputation for unrelenting pursuit that gained him the moniker of ‘The Bloodied Hunter’.

As Jarl of the Rout and master of a whole Great Company he is among thirteen such warriors, raised to be the war-chiefs of Russ’s great Legion. To attain such a rank one has to be a strategist, sharp of senses and with a honed mind for war and leadership. A Jarl has to be commander and inspiring leader, more so, he has to be this to several thousand trained trans-human killers, all must respect him. Skunnr is all of these things, his prowess at war as well known among the Rout as his stature.

A cold prospect, his age and experience give him a wisdom seldom seen among the Astartes, he is as much an truthsayer and broker of honesty among the Rout as he is a Jarl.

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Thegn/Claw Leader [Centurion] WIP01

Keen to develop a centurion around the core of a Varagyr model, work has commenced on a claw leader, a leader for the Varagyr Squads under Sesc Company’s Jarl. The model is designed to pay homage to a model that inspired my love of the Vlka Fenryka, a kitbash of the original metal Wolf Guard Terminator Sergeant with lightning claws and some additional accessories.

This model will echo that.

The base Varagyr model has had the fur removed with a dremel rotary tool, cleaned in preparation for new fur to be sculpted. The power pack has also be reduced in projection, cut back to allow the plastic pelt to sit at a more natural angle, all of this will be hidden on the final model.

Plastic lightning claws have been added and the Varagyr shoulder pauldrons cleaned up to fit over the plastic arms. Over this the arms of the pelt have been filed back an bent to fit naturally over the armoured plates.

The leather pteruges have been covered with sculpted with fur, matching the Varagyr model conversions. Likewise loin cloth fur and pelt has been completed in a matching manner.

Based to match the army the model is essentially complete.

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Ansgar’s Pack, Slayers. Shield Splitters, Sesc Company.

The third pack of Grey Slayers under Thegn Skaldsson, together they form a claw of Sesc Company, a moniker that perhaps fits best for Ansgar’s pack, known for their blood lust and violence at war. It is perhaps because of this that Skaldsson walks to war among the warriors of Ansgar’s pack, more often than not. Whether this is because he revels in the merciless killing or keeps them close to heal as a result, only Skaldsson can say.

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Tormund Flokisson, ‘wind walker’, Priest of Fenris, Caster of Runes, Gothi.

Tormund Flokisson, a priest of Sesc Company and Einherjar to Jarl Skunnr. Known among his kindred as a spirit walker, well versed in the world of the wights he sends his thread out upon the winds of the world sphere and divines the tides of fate for the good of Sesc Company.

Not only are his arts of divination famed among the Rout, Flokisson is a potent battle psyker, channeling the under-verse to leech the life from his foes, bring strength and speed to his arms and curse those before him, their blades faltering and and will breaking.

2018-08-04 09.09.22.jpg

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Hoenir’s Pack, Slayers. Line Breakers.

Hoenir’s Pack. Slayers. Line Breakers. Sesc Company.

Brothers of war, warriors of the winter king’s army. Assault infantry are the strength of the Rout, its fortitude and prowess in battle and Sesc Company is no exception, it’s fighting style typified by heavy infantry and armoured assault. Hoenir’s pack are at the very heart of this, line breakers and warrior’s of the line.

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Thegn Hakon Skeldsson, Claw Leader, Sesc Company

Thegn Hakon Skeldsson is a prominent warrior of Sesc company and true hunter, he is afforded the favour of Jarl Skunnr, leading a third of the great company’s pack’s to war.  As a chosen and respected warrior of the company, Skeldsson has the honour of wielding an artificer made gauntlet in battle, its blades have made a mockery of many xenos and Astartes foe.

Few within the rout can match Skeldsson’s ferocity in battle, a true leader he heads the charge, shoulders low and power in his stride. Whilst his battle prowess speaks for itself he is headstrong, tempered only by the wise and unrelenting leadership of Jarl Skunnr, a lord who knows how to keep his more brash warlords in check.

this character will be used as a ‘counts as’ for Geigor Fell-Hand, bringing his speed and unique weapon load out to the army, but still within the narrative arc of Sesc company.

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