WIP Priest of Fenris: Caster of Runes 01

In much the same vein as the work in progress Jarl, a Caster of Runes is in development to compliment the Varagyr and the new wolf lord.

Using one of the 40k upgrade torsos, the power plant has been converted with a plastic Cataphractii one to better resemble the mark of armour more appropriately and Varagyr legs have been appropriated. All the poorly-sculpted fur has been removed with a Dremel and re-sculpted. Again a top-knot has been added to help the character stand out.

The priest will be armed with a staff, held in a low and relaxed position, and a combi-melta. The combi-melta has been created from a plastic combi-bolter with resin upgrade attachment.

Until Next Winter…



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