Haltaf’s Pack, Slayers. Breakers of Bones.

Haltaf’s Pack. Slayers. Breakers of Bones. Sesc Company.

Warriors of the rout, the shield wall, Sesc Company’s strength of arms and might in battle. Under the great Jarl Skunnr they have walked the fires of Sol’s compliance and brought many to heal in the Wolf-King’s name.

Armed for front line battle and void warfare, Haltaf’s pack are equipped with combat shields and combat axes. Four battle brothers wield power axes and the Huscarl, Forseti Haltaf sports a mighty Power Fist.

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Objective Markers

Using some resin skulls from a jewelry store on etsy (https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LeanderOrnaments) objective markers have been created.  The bases were found on eBay.

The concept behind these is that they are symbolic makers, a Gothi’s collection of blood stained wolf skulls, marked with runes and blessed for protection or marked for death. I very much liked the idea that the Vlka Fenryka mark their passage with runes and shamanistic carvings, hung fetishes and totems. These are such an item, one of superstition and mystic belief rather than objective markers of weapons or information caches.

Until Next Winter…

WIP Jarl (Praetor)

Made some minor alterations to the Jarl, primarily changing his combat weapon from a two headed axed with an elongated handle to a large chain toothed sword.

I’m much happier with the model’s presence and look now, he stands apart more from the Varagyr and the sword looks like a ‘Great Frost Blade’.

Until Next Winter…

Varagyr ‘The Wolf Guard’ 

The Varagyr are the chosen warriors of Leman Russ, hand-picked from his own Great Company to form his personal guard and close companions in war and council. To have attained such a rank and position, each has distinguished himself in battle many times over, and each has forged his own saga worth the telling.

2018-07-21 08.42.53

More so than any other of his sons they are the wolves of his pack, marked by the great beast pelt which adorns their armour, and to adopt this honour means more than simply to walk in the Wolf King’s shadow and lay down their lives for him if needs be, it means something much more. It means that at least for a time they have foregone the chance to lead their brothers in battle, to watch while others strike, to stand fast and not to seek out the glory of battle save when their lord commands. When such coldly withheld fury is unleashed however, it falls like a thunderbolt against the foe.

Armoured in mighty suits of Cataphractii pattern tactical dreadnought armour the Varagyr are neigh unstoppable force in battle. Wielding might chain axes with teeth forged from the very bones and rock of Fenris, the fury of their uncompromising assaults has become legend.

Until Next Winter…

WIP Priest of Fenris: Caster of Runes 01

In much the same vein as the work in progress Jarl, a Caster of Runes is in development to compliment the Varagyr and the new wolf lord.

Using one of the 40k upgrade torsos, the power plant has been converted with a plastic Cataphractii one to better resemble the mark of armour more appropriately and Varagyr legs have been appropriated. All the poorly-sculpted fur has been removed with a Dremel and re-sculpted. Again a top-knot has been added to help the character stand out.

The priest will be armed with a staff, held in a low and relaxed position, and a combi-melta. The combi-melta has been created from a plastic combi-bolter with resin upgrade attachment.

Until Next Winter…


WIP Jarl (Praetor)

Following the release of the Varagyr kits and the latterly released Grey Slayer upgrade kits I am working on a new Jarl to lead the Rout into war.

A few key factors and design choices have influenced the build:

  • My existing Cataphractii praetor with lightning claws does not do well.
  • Really need the punch of an AP2 weapon on my Praetor.
  • To incorporate design features and aesthetics of the Varagyr within the character.
  • Make use of Russ’ pelt/cloak which I have removed from the Primarch.

Starting with the torso, I am keen to keep the same basic identity of the previous praetor, so elected to use the same base 40k resin upgrade torso, it’s a beautiful sculpt. In much the same manner as before I have converted the back to have a Cataphractii style power plant.

2018-03-05 11.09.28.jpg

The legs are those of the Varagyr, the existing torso has simply bee cut away with a saw. Using a Dremel all of the poor-quality fur has been removed and re-sculpted. Like wise the fur has been removed from around the shoulder pauldrons in the same manner and re-sculpted.

The great frost axe has been converted from a pair of frost axes, re-ordered to be doubled headed and with a longer handle to better represent the swing of a two-handed weapon and justify the ‘reaping blow’ special rule. After playing with the handle I decided the slightly more barbaric look of the twisted and gnarled shaft worked well and added to the ferocity of the model.

After careful deliberation the top knot was added to emphasise the seniority of the model and further make him stand apart from the Varagyr, whom I have not used top-knots upon. Russ’ pelt has been cut down, re-shaped (with a hair dryer) and added to the model.

Until Next Winter…