Forge World Varagyr Analysis

After much agonising, vocalising my disappointment in their style and overall release (which i will come onto shortly), i consulted with some of my very talented friends to see what could be done about the Varagyr models, which despite some major flaws (in my humble opinion) have the makings of greatness but need a lot of love to achieve it. The outcome of this being that i picked up a box and set to work.

The contents of the kit is as follows:

2018-02-06 17.56.10.jpg

Now, at face value this is a very comprehensive kit, with very detailed components almost all unique to the Varagyr and altered from their ‘regular’ cataphractii counterparts.

The legs, torsos and heads come as single piece casts, the arms fur shoulder pelts and pauldrons come as one piece casts for each arm. The axes and combi-bolters come separately and as do the top-knots.

To add a little opinion and offer a critique on the models i’d like to share with you my notes:

Torsos/heads: Beautifully done, lovely detail with very characterful head sculpts. The Torso armour is well proportioned (early photos made them look oddly thin) and the low gut gorget feels reminiscent of the Justaerin kits and works well. The woolf tooth charms and fetishes are a nice addition too.

Legs: With regards to sculpting these are great and nicely detailed, the additional pyramidal studs and segmented lower leg armour and projecting knee pads echos that of the wolf king, a nice tie in. The pose however, on some of them, isn’t great, the stride is naturally long and conveys more movement than i would imagine terminator armour to posses. (fur will be covered in it’s own section).

Arms/Pauldrons: The vambrace armour is true to Cataphractii armour, all well proportioned and nicely done, the raised decorative plating even has small runes carved into it, which look amazing. The shoulder pauldrons too, are nicely done, well proportioned and suitably detailed. The knotwork and the legion symbol are a little simplistic and could have benefited from being a bit finer, but it’s not bad.

Axes: The axes are different in style to that of those we have seen in other legion upgrade kits or the MkII/III and MkIV weapons kits, the tech application and proportions particularly so. This has drawn critisim from some, but these are frost weapons, of fenris manufacture and i feel their slight variance conveys their lineage as being different from Terran or Martian tech. The variety of handles and shafts makes for some simple, but welcome variation.

Combi-Bolters: These are basically the same as cataphractii combi-bolters, albeit with out the magasins and belt fed shells, not sure from a technical perspective the swapping of a magasin for a belt feed works or adds anything to the model.

Top Knots: As separate piece which can be added, or left off the model these are nicely sculpted, the wolf skull is particularly nice.

Fur: The fur is appalling, no getting around it. I’m not sure if this is a side effect of the 3D sculpting process, a result of limited ability on the behalf of the designer or just a very unique style choice. None the less, i’m not a fan. (fur will be covered in it’s own section).

I have plans (which in truth have been executed in my excitement before this post was written) to resculpt the fur, fix the posing and #MakeSpaceWolvesGreatAgain

These are the individual varagyr, detailed photos of the pauldrons and the axes:


The other point to note is that the Varagyr squad have within their rules a 2 Wound Thegn as their leader, there is nothing to suggest that any of these warrior sculpts are such, nor do they have anything to help them stand apart. This isn’t necessarily a problem, nor necessarily should they standard apart but as a gaming aid it would be useful to help depict the varient model.

Until Next Winter…


One thought on “Forge World Varagyr Analysis

  1. very excited to see what you do with these. I am not a fan of the models (posing and awful fir being my main issues), so if you can pull off some neat conversions I will probably buy some to do my own

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