Grey Slayers Pack WIP 01

With the tantalising preview of the Grey Slayer upgrade pack, and the rumour that it is one of three upgrade sets to be released, work has begun in earnest on re-imagined Grey Slayer packs for my Wolves. I would like to share a little of my process for creating units (especially infantry) within the wider force.

Concept: Initially the idea phase, in this case watching too much Viking film and media combined with an unhealthy obsession with shields in 30k, lead to the idea of a more traditional shield wall approach to the Grey Slayer Packs (made easy by the previewed upgrade kit).

Planning: This takes two parts:

1. Army List, how will the unit need to be kitted out to match the rules, translating my concept into a playable reality. Will the unit act how i imagine, how can i strengthen this?


2. Models, how with the unit be built, what parts and kits do i need to buy, bastardise, convert and kit-bash to create the desired aesthetic? I plan this out meticulously, studying bits sites, kits online and my collection spares to make sure each model fits the unit correctly.


Once all this is in place, the hunt begins, kits and parts are ordered in anticipation of construction.

Until Next Winter…


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