Vlka Fenryka Contemptor Dreadnought WIP 01

Long overdue, work has begun on the Vlka Fenryka Contemptor Dreadnought, which in truth had been avoided due to not being a big fan of the images i’d seen. Tempted into looking at it more detail by my my buddy Jamie (check his work out on Instagram @The__Rout) i took the plunge, and i’ve not been disappointed!

The decoration and parts are far nicer than the pictures on the internet had lead to be believe.

2018-01-16 17.43.48.jpg

Based to match my gaming board a strong pose has been created with the base model. I removed two icons from the lower torso to declutter it a little, but generally no conversion work required.

The wolf pelt that adorns the shoulder armour is beautiful, the fur really well done.

Until Next Winter…

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