Grey Slayers WIP 03

With the concept and plan for the Grey Slayer packs nailed down, bases built and kits ready for dissemination, the first characters of the Vlka Fenryka progress.

These first three Grey Slayers represent berserkers within the pack, warriors of the charge and counter charge. Warriors who’s role is a perfectly timed blow, much like that required of the weapons they wield. While their pack brothers form the shield wall and hold the line, these warriors trust to their protection and strike when needed, to slay an enemy or retaliate to a charge.

The axes themselves are from the 40k Wulfen sprue (a box-set i mostly deplore for cartoony nonsense), providing nice two handed weapons, which with a little work (removing pelts, fetishes, toothed necklaces and runes), make excellent additions.

In order to accommodate the two handed weapons the arms have been reposed, often cut above, and in come cases below the elbow, to allow for a different angle of the arm. All the time care was taken to maintain a natural positioning of the vambrace and elbow.

In some cases the vambrace was swapped, from MkII to MkIII for example. The arms were then offered up with blue-tac before gluing. Getting both arm positions right before adding the axe.

Once the axe was glued in, and all had dried, greenstuff armour plating was dded to the hands to make them look like armoured gauntlets, not the beastial hands of wulfen (as can be seen in the first images at the top of the page).

Until Next Winter…


Grey Slayers Pack WIP 02

Force into progression despite the Grey Slayers Upgrade Kit not having been released yet, fifteen bases have been crafted for the first Pack and the base plastic MkIII legs and space wolves upgrade torso are beginning to be assembled.


The bases are made using pre-moulded plasticard flagstone sheets, but into appropriately sized squares, glued to the bases and the once dry it is trimmed to the base’s shape. Rocks and sand are then added to create interest.

[A small update, but an important one!]

Until Next Winter…

Grey Slayers Pack WIP 01

With the tantalising preview of the Grey Slayer upgrade pack, and the rumour that it is one of three upgrade sets to be released, work has begun in earnest on re-imagined Grey Slayer packs for my Wolves. I would like to share a little of my process for creating units (especially infantry) within the wider force.

Concept: Initially the idea phase, in this case watching too much Viking film and media combined with an unhealthy obsession with shields in 30k, lead to the idea of a more traditional shield wall approach to the Grey Slayer Packs (made easy by the previewed upgrade kit).

Planning: This takes two parts:

1. Army List, how will the unit need to be kitted out to match the rules, translating my concept into a playable reality. Will the unit act how i imagine, how can i strengthen this?


2. Models, how with the unit be built, what parts and kits do i need to buy, bastardise, convert and kit-bash to create the desired aesthetic? I plan this out meticulously, studying bits sites, kits online and my collection spares to make sure each model fits the unit correctly.


Once all this is in place, the hunt begins, kits and parts are ordered in anticipation of construction.

Until Next Winter…

Grey Slayer Upgrade Pack!

With the preview of a Grey Slayer upgrade pack at the New Years open day, plans are afoot to bring more Grey Slayers to the Rout.

[images borrowed from the wider internet, credit to the photographer whom ever you are]

The kit looks like it’ll be comprised of 5 heads, 2 of which have knot-work masks (fantastic!) an ornate torso, a vexilla, 5 close combat axes and 5 combat shields. The latter items nicely matching the artwork from Inferno.

2018-01-17 08.40.13

If this great upgrade kit isn’t enough, there are allegedly 2 more to come for the Grey Slayers!

Until Next Winter..

Tyr Gunvor, Ancient of Sesc Company

Tyr Gunvor

Huscarl of the Sons of Ymir, Ancient of Sesc Company.

[Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought of the Sixth Legion, Vlka Fenryka]



A sullen quiet fell over the ruined and empty city street, fires lit in the tenements that lined either side, their occupants burned out with incendiary weapons. Surveying this funerial vista, Gunvor’s targeting reticule jittered and jumped, the lenses of his sensorium focusing in and out on suspected and potential threats, but finding nothing but death in the ruins of a once proud city. It was by his hand and that of his kin that this had all been put to the flame, its people murdered, their homes burned, livestock slaughtered and the very earth salted. This would never again be a place of shelter or one that any could call home, so was the way of the Vlka Fenryka.

Before his interment into the ancient’s sarcophagus, Tyr Gunvor had been mighty warrior of Sesc Company. One of the Jarl’s favoured huscarls his speed was well known among his kin, but no more. Gunvor was faster than any Astartes should have been, running the western ice shelf in a little under three days, a record among the Rout. Now, he was broken, his body crushed unceremoniously beneath the treads of mighty warmachine in a war that should never have needed to be fought. Robbed of his speed, committed to the cold and iron, he became a Son of Ymir, serving his legion beyond death as one of the Ancients.

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Vlka Fenryka Contemptor WIP 02

Progressed to building the weapon arms, both magnetised above the elbow to allow for changing it up and representing weapon destroyer results. Even with the magnetised weapons, the post and narrative of the model hasn’t been compromised, ensuring that the model doesn’t feel static.

The power fist, complete with an inbuilt Meltagun, has had one of the icons from the torso (carefully removed and set aside) added to help its large blank armour plate mesh with the decorated aesthetic of the model.

Until Next Winter…