Legion Seeker Squad WIP 01

The need to take a HQ choice or every 1000pts of the Vlka Fenryka has presented a minor dilemma; they need a squad to travel with which in turn needs a transport (for me at least). As most squads come at a number which matches transport’s available capacity and Spartans aren’t always the option (or at least that’s what my opponents tell me), more smaller squads are required.

Already having two Legion Veteran Squads and Grey Slaters not really requiring the added firepower of Legion Support Squads, Legion Seekers feel like a fluffy alternative (and there is the added bonus of being a scoring unit, in a fast attack force organisation slot and being able to take a land raider as a dedicated transport).

So, the seeker squad is being planned out.

2017-07-24 10.09.22.jpg

Until Next Winter…


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