Brodir Magnusson, ‘the red-jarl’, and Hell-Blaster Pack.

Brodir Magnusson, was given the affectionate moniker of ‘the Red Jarl’ after a series of arguably unfortunate events lead to his similarities in name and countenance being likened to the arch-traitor. Whilst the exact details of these events are rarely recounted, Magnusson has refused to replace his missing eye and despite his best efforts, the name endures, leaving a bitter aftertaste that appears to account for Magnusson’s dour and serious demeanour. Despite his gloomy attitude, Magnusson is a marksman of note, his steadfast aim earning him unwavering respect within the Rout.

Magnusson’s pack of so called Hellblasters, a term in low-gothic that has been received with some amusement among the warriors of the Rout, have none the less proven to be devastating upon the battlefield, their firepower near unmatched.

The pack display a ebony shoulder pauldron with gold markings,  a stark contrast to the ivory plate of their brethren,  symbolic of the risk these warriors take in using such weaponry in battle.

Until Next Winter…


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