Fenris Hjolda! The Primaris-Astartes,

Fenris Hjolda! Low Gothic:- “Fenris Endures”

Before the warrior extended a frozen nightmare, a world sundered by invasion and burned by unnatural powers, now frozen, seemingly forever preserving the devastation and planetary scarring. The world, even in its prime could never have been described as hospitable, Fenris was far from a gracious host even to those born of its ways, but now…

…The Crimson King had brought a war like no other to the Fenrisian system, worlds were irreparably changed, damaged and torn, it’s people massacred, even those that survived the horror were put to the knife, having witnessed forbidden horrors impermissible to the Imperium. The future of the Vlka Fenryka hung by a slender thread, their forces depleted and the tribes they recruit from slaughtered by friend and foe.

The warrior that now stood upon the shores of Asaheim represented hope for the Vlka Fenryka, a warrior forged by arcane artifice and clad in mark ten war-plate, a new warrior for a new age. As the darkness of the sundered Imperium closes in, this warrior, with his brethren, will take the All-Father’s light to the darkness and banish the shadows, or at least this is what the Skalds say. The light of the Vlka Fenryka’s future flickered with promise, Jarl Guilliman’s reinforcement’s ushering in a new age of crusade and conquest, offering riposte to the forces laying waste to Mankind.

Those Astartes-Primaris implanted with the canis-helix are considered by many to a be step too far, the aberrant effects and mutations associated with the gene-forging believed too unpredictable and the theorised results of mixing Cawl’s creations with Russ’ gene-lineage too terrible to comprehend. Those naysayers were wrong. Unlike the Astartes that have fought for Fenris over the past ten millennia the Astarte-Primaris have no observable pre-cursors of mutation, no recorded anomalies of gene-code or outbreaks of the curse in a century of operational combat. The Primaris-Astartes are, despite fears, a more biologically stable breed of super warrior.

Dubbed by Jarl Grimnar as the Forsaetid Radherja, ‘Angels of Justice’ in low-gothic, the saga of the Vlka Fenryka continues into new age, the Wolves joining Jarl Guilliman’s crusade to bring retribution to the enemies of Mankind, reprising their ancient role as the Imperial Sanction.

Until Next Winter…


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