the30kchannel: Inferno Campaign Game 02

Had the honour and absolute pleasure of filing a third full game with the30kchannel this weekend. This game formed the second of four campaign games from Book 7 Inferno (forge world) and saw 3000pts of the Vlka Fenryka face up against the Thousand Sons of Dan Wheeler (please go and look at his beautiful army on Instagram: @1kson).

Whilst a release date is yet to be confirmed please keep an eye on the30kchannel for this game and take a look at the other stunning games David Braines is presenting:

I would recommend subscribing to the member channel the30kchannelX if you are able to spare the cost of a good beer each month, as the additional content and exclusive videos are superb!

Until Next Winter…


Legion Fire Raptor WIP 01

After some careful deliberation air support has been selected for the Vlka Fenryka, the Fire Raptor kit has been assembled.

2017-07-29 21.10.23.jpg

Until Next Winter…

MkIIa Proteus Pattern Raider Tank WIP 02

The achilles front plate and the plasticard trim have been smoothed in with some greenstuff and the hull mounted heavy bolter has been swapped out for a twin-linked lascannon. The lascannons were sourced from the sponsons of the Sicaran.

This land raider will be a dedicated transport for the seeker squad.

Until Next Winter…

Legion Seeker Squad WIP 03

All eight seeker marines now assembled, power fist on the sergeant and three combi-meltas in the squad facilitate them bringing something a little different to the army as a whole.

The combi-meltas specifically bring something different as the grey slayer squads and veterans squads are primarily equipped with combi-plasma, the gaming reason to vary this is that the special ammunition the seekers possess has an option for AP2 not really making the combi-plasma upgrade viable.

A co-ordination error in the build process (beer and a film) lead to mismatch power pack components, with the over-cables misaligned. to remedy this the over-cables have been clipped off and the tops smoothed out with some liquid greenstuff.

Until Next Winter…

Legion Seeker Squad WIP 02

A little progress on the seeker squad has seen the first four warriors assembled, including the Pack’s sergeant with a power fist.

The heads are from a chaos marauder kit (kindly gifted to me by one of the fine gentlemen on the 30k Vlka Fenryka facebook page) and give a very norse feel to the marines.

Until Next Winter…

Deimos Pattern Predator ‘Medium’ Tank

Predator Tank, Deimos Pattern, armed with a Predator class Autocannon, which offers a greater rate of fire than it’s more ubiquitous name-sake. The Predator is employed by the Vlka Fenryka primarily in fire support role, harrying enemy light armour and infantry, leaving the dedicated tank engagements to its Sicaran kin.


The Predator is a highly effective medium tank designed to provide Astartes Legions with heavy fire support in the heat of battle. Whilst several patterns of Predator saw battle during the Great Crusade and latter Horus Heresy the Deimos Pattern was by far the most common.

Until Next Winter…

Sicaran Battle Tank

Sicaran Battle Tank, Sixth Legion, displaying elite Varagyr knot work markings on upper track plates representative of veteran crew, favoured by a Jarl, or even the Wolf King.

The Sicaran is one of the most advanced armoured units in the arsenal of the Vlka Fenryka, or the Legions as a whole. The Sicaran utilises component technologies from various STC patterns to create a high-speed ‘destroyer’ tank to complement the more commonplace Predator and Raider designs. It is this speed that finds the tank favour amongst the Thegns and Jarls of the Rout.

The primary armament of this Sicaran varient is the sophisticated Herakles pattern accelerator autocannon, a superior rapid-firing and highly accurate weapon. It fires shells at far higher velocities than a standard autocannon, enabling it to successfully track and engage swift moving targets and pinpoint vulnerabilities in enemy armour with lethal precision.

Until Next Winter…