Ragnar Aethelwyf, ‘Gothi-born’, and Intercessor Pack

Neither a psyker nor caster of runes, Aethelwyf is none the less the Bakhjolda’s spiritual keeper, well versed in the Gothi practices and rituals of the Rout. It is said among his pack-brothers that Aethelwyf is shadowed by the Whites of Fenris, spiritual beings, shades bound to the verse with unfinished business and through Aethelwyf they seek closure. Whatever the truth to this, the wolves pay heed to Aethelwyf’s foreboding’s and attuned pre-natural instincts. On the Bakhjolda it is to Aethelwyf that the ritual duties of protection and aversion fall, seeking spiritual observance for his pack.

A pack leader of guile and cunning, Aethelwfy leads with a conviction that boarders on the fanatic. In truth Aethelwyf is more than a little feared by his pack brothers, a spiritual mysticism surrounds him that for some smells of maleficarum.

Until Next Winter…


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