Jormund Buliwyf, ‘kings-bane’, Jarl of the Bakhojlda

Buliwyf, or Beowulf in low gothic, is a Jarl of the Rout honoured with leading a murder-pack in a duty as old as deep winter ice. Where the Jarl stalks, red snow surely follows, Buliwyf’s reputation for uncompromising violence does little to convey the true terror of his excessive acts of bloodshed. It is perhaps this evident lack of restraint that accounts for why Jarl Builwyf has not been granted command of one of the Rout’s great companies, possessing measurably less tactical acumen or diplomatic poise than the other Jarls. Still, Buliwyf is a true son of Fenris, a proven hunter and a warrior whose prowess with axe and blade are beyond riposte. The duty to which his axe is oathed is one of old provenance amongst the Rout, a duty that sees the wolves of Fenris set upon the scent of one marked for death, an execution oath, the Bakhojlda.

It should be noted that a linguistic curiosity of the Fenrisian native tongue gives Buliwyf a varied pronunciation when spoken in different cants, in Juvjk it is Buliwyf, in the Rout’s battle-cant known as Wurgen, it is Bulveye, both names translating into low gothic as Beowulf. There are but a handful of names that have a variance when spoken in Wurgen, to some Fenrisian cultures to possess such a name is believed to indicate a fractured or broken soul.

Until Next Winter…


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