WIP Primaris Marines, Dark Imperium

The new primaris space marines are fantastically well proportioned in comparison to their astartes brethren, bringing true-scale marines into 40k for all intents and purposes.

The primaris marines present a template for adaptation and conversion into some truly fantastic Rout warriors, the chest aquilas have been filed off and all purity seals removed to subtly change their aesthetic. A selection of space wolf bare heads have been employed, all with believable styling and practicality of wearing a helmet.


Small axes from the Dwarf Ironbreaker kit have been added to belt loops, emphasising the Fenrisian aesthetic without the need for extravagant wolf iconography or pelts. The squad sergeant holds an axe in a loose grip whilst barking orders.

The primaris lieutenant has been complimented with small pelt over one shoulder to signify rank, his bolt pistol has been removed and he brandishes an axe.


All bareheaded models have their helmet mag-locked to their hip.

Until Next Winter…


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