Terminator Caster of Runes WIP 01

Decided to crack on with a conversion i’ve had in my head for a while now, a Caster of Runes based on the Traitor Librarian model. I like the general pose of the model and wanted to re-purpose it.

The armour’s ornamentation has been carefully filed back to leave only modest trim decoration, rather than spikes. The scrolls and books have been left off or removed with a craft knife… after all the wolves don’t keep written records. The small skulls in the corners of the upper armour have been filled in and a wolf style standard top added to emphasis the character’s role and importance.

The arms have been swapped entirely with other Cataphractii ones to give the pose a more natural feel, heavy volkite charger lowered and the left arm raised with force sword held high, channel lighting or similar good Fenrisian Earth Magic. Green stuff fur has been sculpted to the loin cloth and over the shoulder pteruges. Knives, in scabbards, have been added to either side of the model’s waist.

Until Next Winter…


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