Buliwyf Waerferth, ‘Shepard of Morkai’, Speaker of the Dead, Einherjar.

Buliwfy Waerferth stands apart from his brothers, like all those who have taken the black among Rout, for serving as Priest of Fenris is solemn duty. A watcher of the packs, a reader of dreams, an adviser and tender to the dying.

2017-03-22 08.17.30.jpg

Waerferth serves the Wolf King directly, a voice in the Einherjar, and one of the most respected Wolf Priests within the legion. His armour is adorned with symbols of his office, small talismans and trophies, ritual and functional items telling of his role as a priest.

Into battle he carries an over sized Frost Blade, a great weapon of no particular artisan or craft, but proportionally over-scaled to nightmarish proportions, a weapon that would perhaps look more at home in the hands of one of the Emperor’s Sons rather that the Astartes. Like its frost-blade kin the weapon’s teeth are forged from those of the Fenrisian Kraken and to carry such a weapon into battle is a singular honour.

Until Next Winter…

One thought on “Buliwyf Waerferth, ‘Shepard of Morkai’, Speaker of the Dead, Einherjar.

  1. Would just like to say your stuff is truly inspiring, awesome fluff and backstory, and great modeleling and painting. Excited for your next entry. I am huge fan.

    Take care

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