The Black Cull, Deathsworn, Cult of Morkai… the wolf waits in the darkness for us all!

The Deathsworn are the dark heart of the sixth legion, a curse that if left unchecked would one day find it’s vent in the transformation of flesh, seeing a warrior truely succumb to the call of Morkai.

2017-03-20 13.23.31

Out of all the twenty legions born from the All-Father’s machinations none understood death as well as the Vlka Fenryka, for they were his axe, his will made manifest and always on the cutting edge. Those warriors for whom the toll of war became consuming, those whom let their predatory urge to kill, and kill again, taint their very souls were taken to the priests. The Speakers of the Dead took their oaths, inducted them into the Cult of the Deathwolf, Morkai, and saw them unleashed to find solace in a good death, a death welcomed with axe in hand.

Until Next Winter…

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