Thegn/Claw Leader (Legion Centurion) WIP 01

In order to meet the Force Selection requirements of needing to have either a Praetor or Thegn in every army, as well as having to have a HQ choice for every 1000pts of the army, it was time to bulk out the compulsory campaign.

Taking inspiration from my recent conversion of Ulric the Slayer into a 30k Speaker of the Dead, the Thegn is based around the principle aesthetic of Krom Dragongaze.

The torso front and legs were substituted for plastic MkIII Iron Armour variants, with some details added to make them more legions specific. The right shoulder pad was kept, but using some greenstuff and rivets was modified to MkIII, this was complimented with a replacement fur pelt front leg.

The arms from Krom Dragongaze were retained, the vambraces being essentially MkII, these were built upon with green stuff alterations to the elbow pads and additional plating to make them MkIII. The power plant from Krom Dragongaze was carefully cut up and used to convert a MkIII power pack.

The weapons were added as a more tactical choice, a Power Axe and Plasma Pistol, the axe is taken from the Forge World Cataphractii Terminator Librarian.

Until Next Winter…


Terminator Caster of Runes WIP 01

Decided to crack on with a conversion i’ve had in my head for a while now, a Caster of Runes based on the Traitor Librarian model. I like the general pose of the model and wanted to re-purpose it.

The armour’s ornamentation has been carefully filed back to leave only modest trim decoration, rather than spikes. The scrolls and books have been left off or removed with a craft knife… after all the wolves don’t keep written records. The small skulls in the corners of the upper armour have been filled in and a wolf style standard top added to emphasis the character’s role and importance.

The arms have been swapped entirely with other Cataphractii ones to give the pose a more natural feel, heavy volkite charger lowered and the left arm raised with force sword held high, channel lighting or similar good Fenrisian Earth Magic. Green stuff fur has been sculpted to the loin cloth and over the shoulder pteruges. Knives, in scabbards, have been added to either side of the model’s waist.

Until Next Winter…

Buliwyf Waerferth, ‘Shepard of Morkai’, Speaker of the Dead, Einherjar.

Buliwfy Waerferth stands apart from his brothers, like all those who have taken the black among Rout, for serving as Priest of Fenris is solemn duty. A watcher of the packs, a reader of dreams, an adviser and tender to the dying.

2017-03-22 08.17.30.jpg

Waerferth serves the Wolf King directly, a voice in the Einherjar, and one of the most respected Wolf Priests within the legion. His armour is adorned with symbols of his office, small talismans and trophies, ritual and functional items telling of his role as a priest.

Into battle he carries an over sized Frost Blade, a great weapon of no particular artisan or craft, but proportionally over-scaled to nightmarish proportions, a weapon that would perhaps look more at home in the hands of one of the Emperor’s Sons rather that the Astartes. Like its frost-blade kin the weapon’s teeth are forged from those of the Fenrisian Kraken and to carry such a weapon into battle is a singular honour.

Until Next Winter…

The Black Cull, Deathsworn, Cult of Morkai… the wolf waits in the darkness for us all!

The Deathsworn are the dark heart of the sixth legion, a curse that if left unchecked would one day find it’s vent in the transformation of flesh, seeing a warrior truely succumb to the call of Morkai.

2017-03-20 13.23.31

Out of all the twenty legions born from the All-Father’s machinations none understood death as well as the Vlka Fenryka, for they were his axe, his will made manifest and always on the cutting edge. Those warriors for whom the toll of war became consuming, those whom let their predatory urge to kill, and kill again, taint their very souls were taken to the priests. The Speakers of the Dead took their oaths, inducted them into the Cult of the Deathwolf, Morkai, and saw them unleashed to find solace in a good death, a death welcomed with axe in hand.

Until Next Winter…

Terminator Priest of Fenris: Speaker of the Dead WIP 03

The Priest of Fenris has been developed further, with details added to better define the character’s role as a  Speaker of the Dead.
A horned totem added to the back plate, mirroring that on the power armoured Priest conversion previously created. The horns were built from chaos space marine terminator helmet tusks, added to a banner top section.
The shoulder pauldron has had a small wolf skull icon added, this was cut from Ulric the Slayer’s crozious. This really only leaves some tidying up and the right shoulder pauldron to compete the model.
Until Next Winter…

Terminator Priest of Fenris: Speaker of the Dead WIP 02

The Speaker of the Dead has been equipped with a Great Frost Blade.

The blade has been carefully built from a two handed heavy chain sword, the guard has been lengthened using parts from a second heavy chain sword, the hands, arms and the actual grip of the sword are from the Ltd Ed Praetor tribune, albeit shortened in length to suit the modified guard and the spacing of the hands. The arms have been trimmed at the shoulder to fit the modified torso and the Tartaros shoulder guards carefully filed back.

The arms have been topped with Cataphractii lower-pauldrons, the upper pouldron will sit over these. The arm joint has been filed in with sculpted fur in lieu of leather pteruges.

A volkite charger has been added to his belt, using a handle and chains from Geigor’s boltgun. This has been complimented with a wolf pelt claw, also from Geigor.

Until Next Winter…