Varagyr Wolf Guard Terminators WIP 02

Progress continues on the Varagyr Terminators, with three (of the intended five model squad) nearing completion.

2017-02-28 20.04.21.jpg

The Thegn pack leader has shoulder pauldrons added, complete with a rune/text inscribed detail from the Forge World space wolves terminator upgrade set. The detail was carefully cut from resin components and glued into place.

Two Varagyr have been assembled with Frost Swords and Frost Axes, the spiked Justaerin shoulder pauldrons combined with the spiked legs really gives the models an inherent brutality. Subtle details have been cut from various plastic space wolves kits to adorn the belts where the eye of horus icons were removed.

Like the Thegn, greenstuff furs have been added to the underside of the pauldrons and the loin cloth of the terminators.

Until Next Winter…


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